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  1. zuecos

    Easy Meta tags

    Hi toyicebear, that's it! thanks so much for the perfect job!!!
  2. zuecos

    Easy Meta tags

    Hi Nick, OK. I am waiting. :thumbsup: Mike
  3. zuecos

    Easy Meta tags

    Hi Nick, i know that is possible, but i am a php newbie :blush: maybe, some coder have an idea to change the file. that would be great and this famous contribution would be more powerful ;) thanks a lot mike
  4. zuecos

    Easy Meta tags

    Hi... thanks, but I have do that before and its only the same title for all files! I need a dynamic metatitle like this : "title of the product", your review for this product What can i do ? Search in google... HEADING_TITLE product_reviews.php You will find a lot of results like my! Thanks a lot for your help! Mike
  5. zuecos

    Easy Meta tags

    Hi, my 1.4 version works very well, but not in the product_reviews ! In the Headingbar of the browser i see only HEADING_TITLE And yes.. i also changed the title code in the product_reviews.php Any idea? Thanks a lot mike