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  1. endicia89

    Request Product Reviews

    here's something interesting: I get the same error when I run the file, but the e-mails are being sent one, only once at a time. I am also not receiving any emails in my admin. The reminder_sent is being updated to "1" in the orders table, but NOT the customers table (still all 0's). Does this mean that every customer will get this e-mail only once still? Or not because the reminder_sent column is all 0's in the customers table. Maybe I should just ignore the error?
  2. endicia89

    Request Product Reviews

    Jim, Thank you for such a prompt reply and for still supporting this contribution. Unfortunately, that patch did not work. I went to the review_mail.php location again and got the same error. When I was first testing this with test orders, if the 1 test order wasn't modified within the past 11 days (in other words, no e-mail should have been sent anyways), and then I ran review_mail.php, I would get a blank screen. When I changed the modified date for the order to 15 days ago, ran review_mail.php, I got the error as mentioned. MySQL database version is 4.1
  3. endicia89

    Request Product Reviews

    This is perfect! Except, when I run the review_mail.php I get this error: I *sometimes* get an email to my admin e-mail saying emails were sent (no # of emails given though), and *some* of my customers get the e-mail. With my testing, it works, but that's only one. I think this error means that it only sends the email out to 1 customer then stops. Any help would be greatly appreciated :) I also have never gotten the #!/usr/local/bin/php message. Usually just a blank screen, or the above error
  4. How can I unsubscribe all of my newsletter subscribers at once? In my database, subscribers table, is there a way to set the column "customers_newsletter" to all "0" (unsubscribed)?