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  1. Thanks, surfalot, for the reply, and also Geoffrey for the earlier one. For the record, it seemed to me that EP's lack of support for download attributes dated to way back when, and although most relevant comments referenced the lack, every now and then there would be one saying that it should be included in the "next release" or "soon", or might be remedied by some other contribution (yes I have looked at them, and would like to point out that it is sometimes extremely difficult to ascertain exactly what they do, and what they do it with - ie which ones are compatible with which). I simply thought it would be stupid of me to embark on another course of action without checking the current situation, and much as I understand that you're pretty p***ed off answering the same old question, so would I have been if I'd done a lot of work only to find that it was covered in an upcoming release. It seemed to me both logical and reasonable to ask those more knowlegeable than myself to confirm what I already believed to be so - yes, I had read all referenced items - and my main failing was some "rose-coloured glasses" optimism that they would no longer hold true, whilst my main transgression is that I obviously should have quoted from them, that way you could simply have posted; "Still so". I apologise for not having kept it that simple.
  2. Hi, I am trying to set up a new store with downloadable products. I have set up both osCommerce and osCMax as "test beds", and loved the idea of using EP to compile the database info. I duly downloaded a file with test items, and was surprised when I opened the file to discover that the attributes products_attributes_filename, products_attributes_maxdays, and products_attributes_maxcount, do not appear in it. I assumed it was something I was doing wrong (or failing to do) however having spent several days reading threads and doing searches, and reading hundreds of posts ranging from 2003 to date including a lot saying the same as this one, I have failed to find any that have a definitive reply/solution, and it seems to me that maybe EP still doesn't support this. Could someone please tell me whether this is so, or if I am wrong point me straight to a working version, or a post/contribution/hack/workaround... in short anything that will "do the trick". Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Hi, I wonder whether you can help at all, as I seem to be at the same stage you were at when you posted this - and I still cannot find any replies/instructions. Did you ever solve the problem, and if so how! Thanks in advance.