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  1. Gameguys

    CC module | More cards, issue number, ccv

    You can also integrate Euro-Pay.org into the site easily enough if all else fails. Euro-Pay.org No, I am in no way affiliated. Happened across a contribution for it a few days ago and then saw this...
  2. Gameguys

    Amazon Honor System

    Has anyone ever looked into this as an OSC contribution? Looks like it may be very usable for smaller stores who cannot afford their own CCMA's. Alas, I know very little about php, and even less about building contributions. I am lucky I can track down even the smallest of errors usually.
  3. Gameguys

    I want to accept credit card payments only

    I have used AUthorize.net in the past, and once it was set up, it worked famously. I had my money in my bank account within 48 hours for most purchases. The fees were about comparable, and although there was a set-up fee with the company I got my CCMA from, they never charged me for it so I got over (thanks FirstData!). I had no troubles with it. Make sure you are using the highest level of security they provide for transactions though. Chargebacks are very expensive thru Authorize.net, and stolen CC #'s are all over the net. Be careful.
  4. Gameguys

    who can make a "BIDPAY" payment mod ?

    This would be a very useful mod, as it's the "fastest way to send money". <_< Anyone have any luck making such a contribution, or finding one? Dann
  5. Gameguys

    Invision Power Board Intergration Into OSC

    As stated in another thread, this conribution does NOT solve the username/password issue. It does however place the board in an iframe so it can be sommat integrated. Just thought I'd let you guys know. Still, great work and thanks for the contribution. That's what makes OSC so excellent.
  6. I, like everyone else, is chomping at the bit for this to work... here's my question. If I install this contribution now and use the forums in an iframe, am I going to have to uninstall it when you get the username/password stuff worked out (assuming you are doing that), or will there be a full contribution as well as a patch to update for folks that have already installed? If I will have to uninstall it and start again, I won't bother, thus I am asking. Thanks in advance,
  7. I appreciate it, and look forward to it.
  8. Very nice boxes. I would use this contribution, as soon as I find someone that can make graphics that would fit my site (my graphics guy and I had a "falling out"...)
  9. Gameguys

    has anyone tried Articles Module v1.0?

    I am receiving the following error when trying to display the articles on the front end: In the admin, I am receiving the following error: I have uninstalled and re-installed the database tables twice. Anyone have a clue what's wrong here? I assume it's a simple missed keystroke... somewhere!
  10. If every member is an affiliate, we're half way to giving them Reward Points for use in the shop. I am after a contrib or the knowledge how to set up my store so that when someone makes a purchase, they get Reward Cash (% based) added to their account. Then I need to be able to allow the person to use their reward cash towards future purchases. Would additionly think it would rock to give people reward cash to drive users to the site. Would help for advertising.. and people would get something back, encouraging them to pass the word around about your site.
  11. Gameguys

    [REQ] Credit Card Surcharge

    ...and I suppose no one else will ever ask this question, and you are the only person that matters. Not everyone is from Australia, so why would you complain when a question is answered for the masses instead of the individual. BTW, it's not illegal to charge a CC surcharge, Visa/Mastercard just don't allow it according to their agreements that merchants must comply with.
  12. Gameguys

    [REQ] Credit Card Surcharge

    Visa/MC will not allow you to charge different prices for cash/credit. Additionally, you cannot charge a surcharge because someone is using a CC either. The way to do this is as someone stated above, give a cash discount. Another thought may be to give the cash discount to your customers as a store credit. Nothing like building your own repeat business. Just a thought.
  13. Auctions? I have scanned the contributions list, and don't see any.
  14. Gameguys

    Installing Databases

    I've downloaded phpMyAdmin, but I have no idea what to do with it. My database ha ssevreal fields that are different than the "stock" fields for OSCommerce...as I am selling cards for an online collectible card game (see www.withauthority.com). My products arer all made by the same manufacturer, but I have about 3 columns of attributes that need to be displayed, and searchable. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.