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  1. Is it someone who know about this problem? I cant find it out:\
  2. Hello! I have a problem everytime I go to Catalog -> coupons in admin site I got this error On that line In currencies.php is this // TABLES: currencies class currencies { var $currencies; someone who know what the problem can be??
  3. trendhouse

    No price showing up at 2checkout

    Hallo! Du er norsk ja? jeg hadde samme feil og jeg bare bytta 2checkout modulen så funka det! Denne funker fint hos meg: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4846 Da får du styring igjennom admin også! veldig bra:)
  4. trendhouse

    Newsletter products, HTML email

    Hello I got a problem, the problem is that I got this fail everytime in admin: Error: Newsletter module required I have choose Newsletter_produckts and I got this fail someone who know what this is? Thanks for any help:)
  5. trendhouse

    wrong when I go from my site to 2co

    Hello! I am using oscommerce-2.2rc2a and the modul is here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4846
  6. trendhouse

    wrong when I go from my site to 2co

    Hello! I have a problem here, whn a customer add a product go to shopping card and pay whit 2co and go from my site to 2co when they come to the 2co site it should stay a name from the produkt, Qty and price but when i go there I got this: Under ID: martin@apestrek.no:2008-05-08 19:05:58 Under Name: Cart purchase: martin@apestrek.no:2008-05-08 19:05:58 under ID or name it shoult stay like product name and price? not my email?
  7. trendhouse

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    one problem:o I have installed the attribut now but when im going to add og edit product it dosent show up under the price its just like the same old thing. Someone who know the problem?:) and I see I have to to something in the sql but i dont have the "admin_files" sql so I cant add: INSERT INTO `admin_files` VALUES ('', 'attributeManager.php', 0, 3, '1'); I just get fail. MySQL sa: Dokumentasjon #1146 - Table 'trendho_trendhouse.admin_files' doesn't exist
  8. trendhouse

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    thanks for this:)