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  1. What happens was the following it actually removed the comma from the price but that was done only on the display level, but when I checked the actual values that will be transmitted the comma was still there From the checkout_confirmation.php file source <input type="hidden" name="sid" value="xx"><input type="hidden" name="total" value="1,778.75"><input type="hidden" name="cart_order_id" value="20080518230538"><input type="hidden" name="fixed" value="Y"><input type="hidden" name="card_holder_name" value="xx"> etc ... Any suggestion how to remove this comma from the code?
  2. Thanks, but unfortunately this didn't work I still get a "Parameter Error."
  3. Is this a known issue or I'm the only one facing such problem??
  4. I'm facing a real problem when passing total money amounts that are greater than $999 because the values passed are in the following format $x,xxx.x (with the comma in between) while it is supposed to be $xxxx.xx which is acceptable by 2checkout. How can I fix this value what file should I modify, Is there any existing contribution that takes care of this problem?? Appreciate any help, this is the link of my previous post http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=301855
  5. mockba

    2checkout parameter error

    Any comment, recommendation, suggestion, solution, contribution !!
  6. mockba

    2checkout parameter error

    I might not be the first one to ask this question but I have searched the whole forum for an answer that might fix my problem, but unfortunately I could not find any good answer. My problem basically when I perform an order with a total value larger than $1000, I get the following error "parameter error". I had a fresh oscommerce installation also I have added the QPBPP (1.3.2b) - price break per discount contribution. Any suggestions
  7. mockba

    wrong when I go from my site to 2co

    What is the Oscommerce Version you have and what is the 2checkout module you are using
  8. mockba

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Thanks, I managed to solve the problem, it was due to the fact that I used QPBPP_v1_3_2, when I changed it to QPBPP_v1_3_2b my problem was fixed Now I have another problem, when sending values greater than 999.9$ I'm getting a parameter error, I'm passing these values to 2checkout. I guess the problem with values larger than $999 a comma "," gets inserted any suggestion how can I fix this.
  9. mockba

    What is the correct 2checkout Return URL!

    Use the checkout_process.php in the return paths, and select the "Disable Direct returns" from the 2checkout site management panel, things should work fine Until now I'm not sure how to fix it the other way!!
  10. mockba

    Quantity Price Breaks

    I have double checked it, I'm not sure wither the contribution is the cause of the error or not, but this error appeared after I have added the contribution. The main problem is related to displaying accurate price values for my products in the categories page. Once I have installed the contribution and created the discount levels, the current price I see for each product is the lowest in the table and it says "From $54" which is the lowest fare for one of my products if quantity is greater than 101+. Up to this point everything is fine. Now when I select an item and make a purchase, problems start. When I return back to my category's page, product(s) that I have purchased earlier will have the following "From $0" displayed in the price. The $0 disappears if I select a product to purchase by clicking the "Buy now" button then from the "Whats on my cart Page" I click on the "Continue Shopping" Prices appear normally once again. I guess the problem is related to updating the price value of the product in the category's view page! If you could assist me on how to fix this problem
  11. mockba

    Quantity Price Breaks

    I'm using osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2, and I made sure that I did copy replace all files as I copied the catalog directory from the contribution as is and I replaced the files in the catalog, as I said I had a fresh install, I'm double checking again, I will inform you if works or not Thanks
  12. mockba

    2checkout payment module

    I am really facing a strange error now, when selecting products to purchase and the total value of those products are greater than $1000, I'm getting "Parameter Error." While on the other hand if the total sale value was less than $1000 it is passing with no errors! Could anybody help please, thanks
  13. mockba

    Quantity Price Breaks

    I have installed this contribution, all what I have done was replacing the files from the contribution with a fresh install; I'm having the following problem: 1- In the catalog page when I view my category (x) product page, I see the prices are all missed up. For one of my products I see the price have changed to the lowest price in the quantity price break table, and for other products if i make a purchase I see the price in the same 'product category listing page' to be the following: on sale $0.00 and above it another zero dollar value which is crossed out. If I select a product, in the shopping cart I see the accurate money value for the product Thanks for this wonderful contribution
  14. mockba

    2checkout payment module

    I was wondering how would we implement the solutions provided by 2checkout to fix the redirect problem
  15. mockba

    2checkout payment module

    these two forms describe our problem regarding "passing parameters back to oscommerce after completing a demo sale" General Problem Description 2Checkout Integration and the problem specifically What is the correct 2checkout return URL! how we can apply the solutions provided by the 2checkout people to the existing scripts