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  1. Hi,


    I would like to display the items in the same format as Better Product Display v2.03 for every time and place the items are displayed (not just where the new items are displayed) on the oscommerce website of mine. So another words when they are listed in a sub category I wish to have them in this format as well. I just love the way the products are displayed and it make the website look more professional and even easier to read!

  2. I guess it could be simple:


    1. Customer adds items he/she wishes to buy

    2. Customer clicks "Send to <StoreName>" for quote

    3. OsCommerce sends email to <StoreName>

    4. <StoreName> sends email to Customer outlining total price (including freight)

    5. Customer sends email back accepting or not accepting the quote


    Parts 3 to 5 may be able to take place on the website i guess as long as the customer is notified via email of the quote being created.


    Probably would need a part which allows you to say it is no longer available or can be back ordered. (This can be good for Drop Shippers who would like to display all of their products but are unable to connect to any of their wholesalers databases [like me] and have different postage rates for each wholesaler, with no list or calculations available to create a postage price for the customer. Mostly used so u can still show all of the thousands of items available, but ask if people want to back order or not order an item which is currently unavailable, with the excuse to calculate postage manually, because you don't know postage rate.)


    Sorry for my bad English skills. I just need someone to either send me in the right direction with some website help for PHP & MYSQL coding which I wish I knew how to do but I don't or just any hints or tips. I have looked at the Contributions though without any luck.

  3. If thats what you want your not going to get it with that approach!! Contribs are produced voluntarily, not under duress.




    I was only saying, i didn't say IT MUST HAPPEN! If one isn't created that's fine, if one is that's fine to. I just believe it will benefit a lot more people then just me, because I believe that there are more people in the world other then me that need a quote cart. If i knew how to code a contribution I would create it for everyone to share.


    Its nice to be nice and share :D

  4. Hi,


    How do i alter the look of my website so its a colourful website, but still be a free OSCommerce website. I would like to have the search box inside of a picture on the website. The categories names larger but with a pictury professional look to them. A border going around the entire page joining in with the logo, looking professional still. The shopping cart i require to change to a quote cart, sending the information to me at which point i notify with consultation with delivery companies the price of delivery to the consumer. A few things such as languages and currencies wont need to be displayed as it will only be displayed as English and Australian Dollars. An advertisement would be nice to have near the logo at the top of the webpage, still following the professional looking theme. Majority blue & red, logo is blue text. Reviews and specials may be going too from the sides of the oscommerce website. I know im trying to ask for a lot i just want a really professionally looking website for my business, which sells computer supplies to the residents of Australia.


    Sadly due to very bad sales due to no one finding my website, i have no money so im asking how do you alter the website to similar to what i have said? What programs? I am willing to learn and try, all hints and help are greatly appreciated. Any pre-made templates or contributions which may help with this would also be helpful and greatly appreciated.


    Many thanks in advance


    Travis Knight


    P.S. I know my english skills are bad so if u need to ask me any questions to help me just ask and I will try and answer them.

  5. Is there a shopping cart already made for oscommerce which acts as a quote cart. This should allow users to place products in the cart and then they send the information to the owner of the online store who examines the items they chose and calculates the shipping rate to his or her location and sends the quote (item costs + shipping costs) to the consumer. The consumer either accepts or declines, if they accept they are charged the appropriate amount of money, paid by methods allowed for that shop, if they decline, they are not charged any money, nothing happens.


    Is there such thing?

  6. I appreciate the input given so far but I still am unsure exactly where to input the code given to me.


    Can anyone tell me exactly what to do??

  7. index.php is the page to do this on. or try the column_left or right.


    Do you mean catalog/includes/column_right.php, catalog/includes/column_left.php & catalog/includes/languages/english/index.php ?


    Can you please explain where in the code to put it by telling me what to put it between or under or even above?


    I am confused due to the two lots of coding I need to add and my poor understanding of php coding.


    Many Thanks


    Travis Knight

  8. Hi,


    I have been given the following by one of my suppliers


    Step 1


    Add the following Javascript code to the “head” of the page the link will be featured on.


    function openBTOWindow(url) {
    x = window.open(url,'BTOWindow','width=700,height=600,top=10,left=10,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes');

    Step 2


    Add the following HTML code to the “body” of the page where you wish to locate the link feature. (Suppliers actual website has been edited and a generic website has been added)


    <a href="java script:openBTOWindow('http://www.somewebsite.com.au/default.asp')"><img name="BTO" src="http://www.somewebsite.com.au/image.gif" alt="Click here to..." border="0"></a>


    But even though I have been told to put them in the "head" and the "body" of the page I am unsure which pages to add this to. In the end i wish to have this on my homepage of my website as an image to click on. But having the option of having it in the left or right hand column of the website would also been nice.


    Can someone please help me with this?


    Many Thanks


    Travis Knight

  9. Hi,


    I require a shipping module that calculates freight based on the postcode and weight. Preferably compatible with Australian postcodes. I currently have a list of costs for freight to the postcodes in Australia from a specific postcode of a supplier with a standard rate per a postcode also with a incrementation value per kilogram for that postcode. This cost varies for most postcodes in Australia.


    In the future i would like this to also cope with items being shipped from different locations. Example 1 item shipped from Sydney another shipped from Melbourne charging 2 freight costs, based on postcode of delivery address, or even 2 freight costs from 2 different suppliers in Sydney.


    I am wondering if there is a module which will do this?


    Many Thanks


    Travis Knight