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  1. eeeek

    contact short captcha v1-2

    Thanks G.L. will give that a try and cross my fingers LOL :)
  2. eeeek

    contact short captcha v1-2

    Hmm there is a "sessions" table but it is empty. This implementation is not yet live, so there would be no session data I don't believe... Any other thoughts?
  3. eeeek

    contact short captcha v1-2

    Thanks for the reply but, and I may just be blind as a bat, I see no table called "anti_robotreg" or anything remotely similar? :blink:
  4. Hi All, I recently downloaded and installed the "contact short captcha v1-2" - installation was simple enough and permissions on files and folders are correct. I sent an email to the author (Dimi) via the forum but since I don't know how often he may check that email, I am placing this here in the event anyone else has run into this or knows what the problem might be... My thanks in advance for any help you can give. Here's what I did (as per the instructions): I have replaced the files: catalog/contact_us.php and catalog/includes/languages/english/contact_us.php I have uploaded captcha.php to the /catalog/images directory and ensured the permissions both on the file and directory are set to 755 (and verified this multiple times...) I changed the $captcha_encryption_key in catalog/contact_us.php and in catalog/images/captcha.php and made sure they matched.... However, when I go to the contact page now, even though it shows where the captcha image should be, what I get is: As you can see, no letters or numbers show up...just the box with lines in it... Am I missing something? Is there a particular version of the GD lib that must be installed? The GD library on my server is version 2.033 and my server is running PHP5 - is THAT a problem? I have been monkeying around with this for a couple of weeks now & have searched the forums to no avail. Any help would be appreciated... Kryss