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  1. EFVI


    Are there any translation besides the standard english for version 3.xx to donwload? I am testing with 3.03 and i like to work with at least 2 or 3 languages for testing. I prefer English/Dutch/Russian. Jacques.
  2. EFVI

    Super Contact us enhancement 1.0

    Thanks Hakan, that did the trick, works great now !!
  3. EFVI

    Super Contact us enhancement 1.0

    Probably i am overlooking something about this mod. I installed everything as is written in the file, and included tha extra database addition, Everything works ok BUT... In my form i find this : ** Volledig naam: E-Mail Adres: Bestelnummer (indien van toepassing): Send Contact Form Email To: CONTACT_US_LIST Email Subject: Algemeen Product Informatie Registratie probleem Login probleem Order and shipping Return merchandise ** Beneath the textline "Send Contact Form Email To:" i find the text : "CONTACT_US_LIST" What do i do wrong? I added 2 email adresses in the admin but i can't choose in the form. Who can give me some guidance.. Jacques.
  4. Anybody, I could use some assistance in this. I setup ccolmenus today in a new site, but for a strange reason i see the new coolmenu as the old menu beneath it? I can't figure out what i did wrong or not, is used the subscription from Andreas Kothe http://www.oddbyte.de My website is to be found at http://www.efvi.nl Thnx for every reaction.. Jacques.