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  1. Hi Jim, I am having the same issue with the pop-ups. I have added it to my product_info and shopping_cart but it only seems to work after I put an item in the cart and then click for an estimate. The button on the product info page opens the pop-up but creates an error when the zip and country are submitted. Also, for the missing close button issue, I have found that the code calls for the button image as a .jpg but all the new images are .gif.
  2. lyonsperf

    Fatal Error!

    You need to remove this: do_magic_quotes_gpc() from either line 18 or line 30. You have it twice in the same file /home/.../includes/functions/compatibility.php
  3. lyonsperf

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I have this installed and it works great. I would like to have it show actual price as my customers can't seem to grasp the idea of adding two numbers together. Is there a mod that will work with this?
  4. lyonsperf

    Compare My Price

    Hi Jack, This is a great idea and something that can be very useful for online auto parts sites. I am having one issue though. I followed the directions for adding the compare in the admin but it doesn't seem to show up on the specified products page. I added the code to product_info.php and copied the competitor's link and added it to the field in the admin. The only code I could see for their price by using view source was this <li> $24.99</li> Is that enough for the compare program to draw info ? Thanks for all you do and the great support! Matt
  5. I use Prohostone.net. They have been really good to me and I never experience bandwidth issues. I used the other big names before and found that most of the time my site was competing for bandwidth on overloaded servers. I now am getting better rankings and people actually visiting my site! Matt
  6. I have received several requests for a mobile version of my store so that customers can order when they are at the race track or over a friend's house from their phone. Does an application exist for this? I know the iPhone app is available but nothing else for other providers.
  7. lyonsperf

    Manual Order Maker

    Great Job Todd! Any chance of getting it to pull the shipping quote and link the payment to paypal?
  8. lyonsperf

    MVS Shipping Cost Estimator

    Here is my seo_class opening <?php define('USE_SEO_REDIRECT_DEBUG', 'false'); /** * Ultimate SEO URLs Contribution - osCommerce MS-2.2 * * Ultimate SEO URLs offers search engine optimized URLS for osCommerce * based applications. Other features include optimized performance and * automatic redirect script. * @package Ultimate-SEO-URLs * @link http://www.oscommerce-freelancers.com/ osCommerce-Freelancers * @copyright Copyright 2005, Bobby Easland * @author Bobby Easland * @filesource */ /** * SEO_DataBase Class * * The SEO_DataBase class provides abstraction so the databaes can be accessed * without having to use tep API functions. This class has minimal error handling * so make sure your code is tight! * @package Ultimate-SEO-URLs * @link http://www.oscommerce-freelancers.com/ osCommerce-Freelancers * @copyright Copyright 2005, Bobby Easland * @author Bobby Easland */ /** * Modified for MySQL5 in STRICT mode * by FWR Media * www.fwrmedia.co.uk */
  9. lyonsperf

    MVS Shipping Cost Estimator

    I have both of these mods running perfectly in my store. You should probably download a fresh copy of osc to your computer and use a file compare program like winmerge to see where the problem is.
  10. lyonsperf

    PayPal IPN Invalid Process

    I have had paypal standard installed on my site for over a year now and it has worked without issue. Yesterday I received an email with the following:$HTTP_POST_VARS: test=test $HTTP_GET_VARS I have not received any orders for the past three days!
  11. lyonsperf

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, I recently updated this mod as well as Ultimate urls and have a question. On certain categories I have a double title on the category page. This does not happen on each one. Any ideas what causes this? Here's a link to an example:http://www.lyonsperformance.com/test_site/valvetrain-components-c-132.html Thanks, Matt
  12. lyonsperf

    [Development] Products Specifications

    Thanks for the reply Jim. Your effort is well noted and appreciated. I can wait for your expertise.
  13. lyonsperf

    usps shipping not working

    I have had usps installed for over a year now and just in the past few days it stopped working. It is telling my customers to contact me. Is anyone else having this issue? I am also running MVS and haven't had an issue until now.
  14. lyonsperf

    [Development] Products Specifications

    Any ETA for the next release with the streamlined categories file and the above changes? I really like this mod and have been testing it on my test site. I think the next group of changes will make it a real winner!
  15. I have header tags for novices, headertags seo and Ultimate seo urls installed on my store. Is this the correct thing to do or do they conflict with each other?
  16. lyonsperf

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Well I fixed the first issue by shutting off the ajax. Now when I edit an order by adding a new product to it, it updates on the edit page but does not update the main order page! The total is updated but the osc standard order review page, admin/orders.php, does not list the part number or description. I also now have two edit buttons one that re-directs to orders.php and another that re-directs to edit_orders.php. Is there any support for this mod?
  17. lyonsperf

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I upgraded this mod to the last full version. It seems to work but when I edited a customers order it completely deleted the order with the paypal confirmation! I also seem to have triple fields for subtotal, discount, delivery and total. Also there is no option for paypal. Any ideas?
  18. lyonsperf

    [Development] Products Specifications

    Jim, I appreciate your input. I am not a coder, just a simple store owner. The suggestions you made are confusing to me. I ahve tried to make them but still end up with errors. Could you possibly mark up the code I posted so that I can understand what you mean? Thanks DOUBLE POST
  19. lyonsperf

    [Development] Products Specifications

    Jim, I appreciate your input. I am not a coder, just a simple store owner. The suggestions you made are confusing to me. I ahve tried to make them but still end up with errors. Could you possibly mark up the code I posted so that I can understand what you mean? Thanks
  20. lyonsperf

    [Development] Products Specifications

    I'm Back! Further testing of this mod on my site has been great with one new bug noticed. Once the code is added to product_info.php the add to cart button and the wishlist button no longer function. But, if you click on the ask a question tab and click continue it adds the product to the cart. Also, when viewing a product in the admin panel the tabs are listed like TEXT_SPECIFICATIONS, TEXT_PRODUCT _INFO. Is there a mod missing for the admin/includes/language/english files? Lastly, is there a way to expand and contract the product filter box in the left column. Right now it shows all the filters and is pretty long. I had to shut it off.
  21. lyonsperf

    [Development] Products Specifications

    Small bug in the admin product preview. The image for the spec bar is calling for corner_left and corner_left_right,gifs from admin/images/infobox/ But that folder doesn't exist. I just created the folder infobox and added the gifs.
  22. lyonsperf

    [Development] Products Specifications

    That was it!!!!!! I put that just before <?php // Products Specifications include_once (DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_PRODUCTS_SPECIFICATIONS); ?> So anyone using additional images mod with this one should do the same. Thanks Jim Have a good weekend!
  23. lyonsperf

    [Development] Products Specifications

    Me again I have tried to put a separator everywhere imaginable and can not get the tabbed product description box to move. If I put one above <?php // Products Specifications include_once (DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_PRODUCTS_SPECIFICATIONS); ?> It shoves everything to the right side of the page. Anywhere else and there is no difference. The code im using as a spacer is <td><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '100%', '10'); ?></td> </tr> Can you shed some light?
  24. lyonsperf

    [Development] Products Specifications

    Hi Jim, I'm really digging this mod! I am in the process of tweaking it but have a few questions as I am not a programmer. First, how can I move the tabbed box downward on my product_info page? I have tried adding a invisible line but it kicks everything to the right side. Second, is the products_information.php file supposed to be a duplicate of product_info.php? If so can I transfer my mods for Additional Images and seo header tags to that file? Thanks again for this great solution. Matt