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  1. lyonsperf

    Site Functionality review

    Hi all, I have website that was doing great as far as traffic and orders. In November, the hosting company updated the server and then all the trouble started. First it was 1366 databse errors, then Stripe and paypal threw errors during checkout. We have lost a lot of traffic and there are no orders coming in. We disabled stripe for the meantime and now have to rely solely on paypal to handle purchases. Is the re a way to have some of you look at the site and see if you recognize a glaring error? http://www.dynamicracetrans.com
  2. lyonsperf

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    I loaded this to my 2.2 store and went to install it in admin. It looks like it is missing the english file to convert the MODULE_PAYMENT_STRIPE_SCA_ADMIN_LIVE_SECRET_TITLEMODULE_PAYMENT_STRIPE_SCA_ADMIN_LIVE_SECRET_DESC to actual descriptions.
  3. lyonsperf

    Stripe Issue

    Its funny. I have'nt changed a thing in three years. Just started today.
  4. lyonsperf

    Stripe Issue

    ok I just tested it and I got the following error after clicking process: 1364 - Field 'vendors_product_price' doesn't have a default value insert into orders_products (orders_id, products_id, products_model, products_name, products_price, final_price, products_tax, products_quantity) values ('123148', '1851', '9591AC', 'GM Turbo 400 Stock Capacity Pan', '200.9500', '200.95', '6.35', '1') [TEP STOP]
  5. lyonsperf

    Stripe Issue

    Yes. I am waiting for a reply. Just thought someone might have had the same issue. I was thinking maybe a API change.
  6. lyonsperf

    Stripe Issue

    Just started happening. Customer pays with stripe, completes the transaction on their site, then the page goes nuts and does not return them to my site to complete the order. In Admin, I get the order listed as processed, but there is no list of what the customer purchased. I have osc 2.2
  7. lyonsperf

    Spam Accounts

    I have a website that is constantly getting spam customer accounts created from various foreign countries. I don't understand the reasoning in why they do this, but I have been manually removing them each day. Is there a way to block this, or a mod to verify the IP address with the country selected?
  8. lyonsperf

    Paypal FUBAR

    Just checked the log and on the last customer order it listed GET MredirectCancelled true
  9. lyonsperf

    Paypal FUBAR

    No we do not. If I don't login to paypal a few times a day, I have no way of knowing that someone placed an order. We also have Stripe, and it sends us a email right after the order is placed. I have gotten negative feedback from would be customers that they tried to use paypal but it kicked them out.
  10. lyonsperf

    Paypal FUBAR

    Have a 2.3.4 shop with standard paypal. Been having issues with getting notifications of paid orders, or even that the customer placed an order when paying with paypal. Searched the forum and found the new crt file, uploaded it and now we get the update for our balance but still the customer's are not returning to our site to complete the order. A customer just called to verify because he paid on paypal then was booted out. What is going on.
  11. lyonsperf

    Blocking China Bots on Mobile

    Thanks Jack!
  12. lyonsperf

    Blocking China Bots on Mobile

    Got a osc 2.3 site that has the mobile site app installed. We are getting hammered by bots with ip's from china. I tried adding deny ip's to the .htaccess file but it doesn't work for the mobile site which is a folder in the main site structure. Any ideas ???
  13. lyonsperf

    Weird Paypal actions

    I have Paypal installed on a 2.3 version of osc. Had two instances where a customer was able to put product in their cart, checkout and pay by paypal, without it showing in the admin panel as a new order. Also am not getting emails from paypal anymore when a customer successfully completes their prder and payment has been made.
  14. lyonsperf

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Got the latest version installed on a 2.3.4 shop and was wondering how do I update the xml files on my database manually? The older version for 2.2 had a section in the admin to manually update the various files.
  15. Which addon should i use for osc