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  1. I have had the same problem and it appeared to be a bug in the 1.2 release. The sql query applied during installation included a PREV_NEXT_BAR_LOCATION configuration key while all files refer to ARTICLE_PREV_NEXT_BAR_LOCATION when checking if showing "split into pages" tab is needed. I have corrected the typo and released it as 1.2b version in the contribution area (check it out at,1709). If you already have Article Manager installed you only need to change one record in the configuration table (e.g. using phpmyadmin).
  2. Formally, it makes no difference where in a file you add definitions, like filenames or table names as far as the whole file is loaded before the sript "aks" for that particular definiton. However, the convention is to group similar things together (e.g. BOX_HEADING_*) and make them appear in alphabetical order. It is then much faster to find bugs that you have just made in a live shop, when you had been too lazy to backup :)
  3. The contribution comes with support for 4 languages at this time: english, spanish, german and polish. If you want to have e-mails sent in french, you simply have to modify the language files: recover_cart_sales.php and stats_recover_cart_sales.php. You should find these files in admin/includes/languages/french folder. The e-mail text is in the first file. If, after applying modifications, you get a parse error, it means that you messed up with the ' or . "\n\n" . chars. If you get through it, please post new language files to the forum, so that they can be included in the next releases of this contribution.
  4. I have the same problem. When I use a web-based email client everything is ok, but when I download the message with Outlook, it doesn't recognize the line breaks. Maybe this has something to do with different linefeeds characters used in Unix/Windows?
  5. As far as I know Max edition of OSC includes Admin Access Levels contribution that restricts access to the admin area. If this is the case you should look for the "Administrator" box and then follow a link that manages files permissions. Be sure to grant permissions both for recover_cart_sales.php and stats_recover_cart_sales.php. Hope that helps :)
  6. I was having performance issues with the package downloaded from the contributions section, similar to those reported by sqflowers, but the file posted in the forum by Aalst eariler today has solved them. Now everything works fine. PS: I have sent Aalst polish translation of the latest version so it can be included in the next release.
  7. 1. Have you tried using the Unsold Cart Report contribution available at,1598 ? If you also have problems with this contrib there should be something wrong at your site. Maybe you should try to reinstall the contribution and make sure you did follow the install instructions properly. 2. Do you get any errors when launching recover_cart_sales.php, e.g. parse errors? If yes, the problem liest probably in a forgotten parenthesis or hyphen in the code or something like this.
  8. Met00, How about making the e-mail even more personalized and include things like date added or the cart value to the message sent? This information is already retrieved by the report, so this should be pretty easy, don't you think?
  9. By the way, I'm using MS1 and it seems for me you don't have to make any adjustments to get it working both in MS1 and MS2.
  10. Hi, I'm using polish translation (exactly the one posted in the contribution section), have d-m-y date format and everything works fine for me. Maybe you don't see any carts in recover_cart_sales.php simply because there was nobody who put items in the cart and didn't finished the checkout procedure? My hint: set up a account by yourself, put something in the cart and then check the recover carts in the admin section once again.
  11. Hi! Great job, Met00! I have just posted on the contributions site un updated package that contains polish and german (by bodyfeelings) translations. I also have moved some things to the language files, namely the "Send e-mail" button description and the "Back to report" text. By the way, on my site the contrib DOES put the PS message after the signature, contrary to what ahearn suggested.