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  2. redneckchick621

    Which Product/Category Contrib to use?

    Hey "Germy Jimmy" LOL... Long time no see. I still want to keep the categories on in the left column, but want to do away with the huge module that shows the new products right in the middle of the page. Appreciate ya. :D Chelle
  3. redneckchick621

    Which Product/Category Contrib to use?

    Thanks Sam. Before I install this, will I need to create new images for the thumbnails or will it simply add the images I have that appear where the old oscommerce clipart used to be? If so, I suppose I would have to go into the image config and change the size of the images there. That would change the images already on the categories when you go to them also, right? I would like to have my own and also be able to control the size of each one. I still want the categories to appear at the left of the page, but I am wanting to totally do away with the "new products for..." and replace it with my own category images and links to it. I wonder since I do not have many categories if it might be easier to html the images and links like I did for the one featured item just above the "new products for..." module. My new site name is My Shop. Advice? Thanks bunches, Chelle
  4. Hello. I am wanting to show CATEGORIES only on the main page of my shop. I am curious as to which one would be the best and easiest to use. Any help would be so much appreciated. Thanks Chelle
  5. redneckchick621

    PP - Security Header is not Valid

    Hmm, Im not sure, but if I read it all correctly, you have to use WPP and Express together. That was my understanding anyways. Both have to be enabled. I may be wrong, however. I would call PayPal and ask. Sorry Im not much help here. Chelle
  6. You have to comment out the address variables like so: Go to: catalog\includes\modules\payment\paypal.php or paypal_standard.php in my case, Find code: $parameters['address_override'] = '1'; Change it to: // $parameters['address_override'] = '1'; NOW WORKS GREAT!!! I hope this helps someone else having this problem. Ive been trying to find out how to fix this for days and with no answers here on the forum I googled and read and read. I put this and that together and tried this out and yeah, it works. Chelle BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP....I am not responsible if the Powers That Be doesnt want this to work for you. :D
  7. I need media mail shipping option to show up ONLY for cd purchases. How do I accomplish this? I have installed the usps mod and it is working ok, however, I need the media mail option. I would like to have it to where I can CHOOSE that for the cd items when I input them on the admin side or have it automatically show up when it is a cd purchase. Does that make sense? It's been a long day. It wouldnt work for me going only on the weight, as other items are equally as light. Can anyone lend a hand? Thanks, Michelle
  8. redneckchick621

    PP - Security Header is not Valid

    I was attempting to use paypal website payments pro. After a day or two of much frustration, the reason for this error is that even though the module is there in oscommerce and you can install it and you can get all of your API info, install, do your settings, config and all, you still have to apply for the pro account with paypal FIRST. After you apply and are approved and you sign a billing contract for the $30.00 a month fee, only then will the mod work. I thought it was too easy to just install it and go about my merry way...LOL I should have posted my findings earlier so that others may benefit from my fumble, as no one else has before. Thanks! Chelle
  9. redneckchick621

    PP - Security Header is not Valid

    no one???????
  10. redneckchick621

    PP - Security Header is not Valid

    ok, after reading in this forum, paypal developers forum, and other oddball forums in which I googled for help, with no successful direct answers, I have come up with this possibility and I have no clue as to what I'm doing here. I downloaded the zip from paypal to my desktop, forgetting that everything was already in admin, just needed to be installed and enabled, so I did not copy or ftp anything over to the shop. I redid everything several times where you install and enter config/settings, re-entered information for the api, put them live, put them sandbox....still, Im getting the error that my security header isn't valid. The ONLY thing that I can come up with from reading the install file that was contained in the zip is running two small SQL scripts, ie. paypal_wpp.sql and pwa.sql. I will admit freely that I am totally lost. Shouldn't this have been done with installing and configuring from admin? If not, how the heck do I do this or find out if it is already there? Im losing sales because I can only accept payments when ppl have a paypal account. I really need to be able to accept direct payments with credit/debit cards, etc. Should I remove the API info through paypal, get another signature and try it again? That is the only thing I've not tried yet, well, besides the sql scripts. I am so frustrated at this point. Many thanks, Chelle
  11. redneckchick621

    PP - Security Header is not Valid

    I asked a question in the last posting on this topic. I enabled both and answered my own question. This did not work. I am still getting the error that says Security Header is not Valid when I try to process a payment. I have a ssl cert and it has been in place for almost a year. I have no clue how to fix this. I would appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks! Chelle
  12. redneckchick621

    PAYPAL PROBLEM! express checkout

    So, are you saying that you have to install the pp express AND the pro and enable both for the direct payment process to work??????? Thanks in advance, Chelle
  13. redneckchick621

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    GREAT! Yes, Link Exchange would be better, imo. I think Im going to add a section called exactly that to go in in conjunction with my links of interest. Good luck to you too. Keep in touch. Was a pleasure meeting you! I hope we cross paths again! Michelle www.clearcreekscraps.com
  14. redneckchick621

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    I put the link to your 101 SCRAPBOOKING TIPS ebook on the site. Let me know if you get any hits! Michelle
  15. redneckchick621

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Thanks for that code. I appreciate it. You know, in doing more research this evening, I found a way to not have to put my freebies on oscommerce, but on my website that is hosted by hostmonster. I can put each file with the pic directly on there and they can get immediate downloads. I was curious about if anyone could access my paid designs. I tried and had a few friends try to get to it and they couldnt. A friend said because I have the htaccess thingy enabled on my site. Which was a HUGE load off of my mind. Since I do use both sites, the main website and the store site, I think I am going to just put them on the main site and work the freebies from there. I can add pages with lots of info for each design and multiple photos without having to go through a lot of hooplah. I use Kompozer so it's fairly easy. I am just afraid of hacking my code, as Ive already had to pay someone to install a contrib before and I surely do NOT want to have my store go down again. LOL I am sure you can understand that! Thanks so much for your help and input. I will direct everyone I know to your site. Ebooks are SO popular. They are great for my dad, as he has trouble seeing and he can set the resolution on the computer to where everything is large and it makes it so much easier for him. Hey, speaking of site links, would you consider a link exchange? I would love to put your site for ebooks on my Links of Interest section on the main page of my site. Would you be interested in doing the same? If not, that is TOTALLY OKAY! A lot of people I know LOVE ebooks and if you happen to have any crafting ebooks, it would add to both our sites. I dont know if this is a good place to ask that. Hope I dont get into trouble...LOL At any rate, thanks so much for your help and input. Michelle www.clearcreekscraps.com