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  1. still got probs with discounted prices not showing their proper value, when using actual attributes. (see previous message) nainesh
  2. no probs thanks for trying. Sites down at the mo. should be back up later today
  3. hi I've got the most recent actual attributes installed on my site. However a couple of problems. 1) If i have discounted the price of a product (specials). This price doesn't show up in the drop down menu for the customer. 2) When adding discounted attribute products to the shopping cart, the sub total displays the incorrect price for an example you can visit http://www.artsuppliesuk.co.uk/product_inf...products_id/206 thanks in advance to anyone who can help nainesh
  4. having installed the latest contribution have the problem again where the shopping cart total is incorrect. Sorry tom ... thanks for the help you've been giving
  5. nainesh

    Worldpay support III

    sorry i should readthrough the whole thread. The answer was in there. Worldpay doesn't work with STS Template. There is a message suggesting it can be used but i was left a little confused. has anyone managed to get worldpay and sts working together? cheers
  6. nainesh

    Worldpay support III

    hi i've got a problem with my worldpay 4.0 v1 module. It's installed on os commerce ms2.2 the order can be placed by the customer and is received by worldpay. However i am not getting it in my admin panel. Cash payments come through fine. Ive checked my mysql file and the 'INSERT INTO ORDERS_STATUS VALUES...' seem to be there. I've had the callback url in worldpay admin as http://<wpdisplay item="MC_callback"> and <wpdisplay item="MC_callback"> still no joy please please can someone help? cheers nainesh
  7. cheers seems to be working just fine, though a problem with the sorting order of the list. thanks for your help
  8. thanks tom look forward to receiving the fix nainesh
  9. hi i have the same problem, did you or anyone else have a solution? Please please cheers