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    Hello Vger, I had a quick question about your CCGV contribution. There are two updates, one by kagg and one by GuiGui, after your last release. I know you mentioned you like to keep the code updated yourself, so should these two extra updates be applied? I've been going back and forth between your CCGV and the original CCGV, and I think you've got the better idea about cleaning things up and keeping the code maintained by just yourself. I didn't see any significant advantages that the orignal CCGV has over your CCGV, it just worried me that there hasn't been any updates in a while. Well anyways, thanks for the help! ~mindseye1~
  2. I am in the same boat. Using RC2a with the Paypal Website Payments Standard and QTPro v4.5, and only my main stock is decremented, not the stock for the individual options. Anyone have any ideas, or have this same setup working? Thanks for any help!