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  1. ymfidds

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Bill et al, You wouldn't believe how grateful I am for the effort that you guys have put in. It doesn't actually work for me as I am just getting the output variable $pef$ appear on the page so I think I must have a slightly screwed up STS installation. If I have time I will do a clean install of osC 2.2 RC2A then install PEF and try the amendments that you have supplied and see how that goes. Just as a side issue I have the following contributions: - STS 4.5.8 Product listing enhancements... Sub category textboxes Product extra fields PWA UL Categories installed in that order Is this an 'OK' installation sequence or is there a more optimal one? Cheers
  2. ymfidds

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Well, that's a whole day gone without much success. I've uploaded what I've managed so far and on-line (as opposed to locally) it is incredibly slow. You can have a look at : - Visit My Website Not all the functionality is there and the admin back end isn't working but that's the least of my worries. I'm not usually a defeatist and I am sure that OSC 3 will be more manageable for people like myself who have skills in html and css but limited experience of PHP, however I am beginning to wonder whether I should be considering alternative products such as PrestaShop or Magento? Anyway, that's more than enough for the day. Anyone know a reasonable freelancer??!???!??
  3. ymfidds

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Another frustrating day! I have managed to fully populate the database with the required extra fields, and associate them to a product AND all that in 3 different languages. Unfortunately I have not been able to find out how to 'capture' the extra fields and turn them into variables so that I can embed them in the product_info.php.html file. By keeping the $content I do get the output but not the ability to use CSS formatting - in fact even tables would do at the moment! If you see my without picture: - An now my poor Photoshop hacked image: - I hope you can see what I'm trying to acheive? I'm also looking to add a quantity selector for adding more than one to the cart, but that's to come. As I have spent a lot of time trying to find out where to make the amendments I've almost gotten to the stage where I either consider an alernative package or look to pay a freelancer a few euros. Any suggestion would be more than welcomed... Thanks
  4. ymfidds

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Thanks for that Bill, I had realised that the 2nd option was probably the best route for me. However, I may have asked the question incorrectly. I think what meant to ask is this - if I have the product extra fields and populate them them with information, how can I insert them individually into a template page. For example remove $content and replace with something like the following: - Product id : $productid (this is a standard field) Price : $price (this is a standard field) Height : $height (this is from the extra fields) Age : $age (this is from the extra fields) Owner : $owner (this is from the extra fields) Award1 : $award_1 (this is from the extra fields) The objective is to be able to use CSS to arrange the output. Where do I create the new variables (from products extra fields) for STS and how do I get them into my STS product template? I presume that the variable is related to the products_extra_fields_id and products_extra_fields_value? Oh dear, re-reading this still it doesn't seem to sound right and it's getting me quite frustrated as I realise the huge potential of STS and am using it sucessfully to format all of my other output! Am I going mad (more mad!)? Thanks
  5. ymfidds

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hi, I have searched for the past 3 hours in these forums and also read the STS user guide, but I'm not quite sure that I understand the explanations correctly. Basically I have STS 4.5.8 and the latest version of product extra fields. I can quite merrily add new fields. Examples are: - Height, Age, Owner, Award1, Award1 Year etc. What I would like to do is create new variables for these so that I can format each individual field rather than rely on $content. The nearest I can come to an example is: - Sample of extra fields I am sure this must be possible and feel I'm getting quite close, but after almost half a day searching I think I need help. So, the million dollar question is "What files would I need to edit?" Many thanks
  6. I'm not too sure about IE but I'm fairly certain that your border would need to have 'px' after the width of 1, so try: - border: 1px solid #ff0000; Hope that helps...
  7. Hi Spooks, Sorry about the 2 last questions - a little bit off topic I agree. However, with the insight that you have given me I'm hoping to be able to resolve these myself without having to trouble you. Again, many thanks for a great contribution and your help...
  8. Spooks, I have an apology! Did you spot the (deliberate?) mistake in my post? I made the changes (i.e. uninstalled Product Listing in Columns 2.2.7) on my backup files and not the live ones, and I was therefore still using product_listing_col.php A quick rename of directories and hey presto, all works fine. - many thanks for your help, and a great contribution. If I may, just a couple of quick 'how do I's When I click on a category that has sub-categories is it possible to not have the sub-categories appear in the product listing window. What would be good is if we could display some random images from the sub-categories or even the complete a-z grid of images (on multiple pages of course) And lastly is it possible to separate the categories and the count with somethingother than -> and then right align the count? Again, many thanks...
  9. OK, sort of answered my own qustion! I tried an install over the top of Product Listing in Columns 2.2.7 which seemed to work, and I got the new options in the Configuration/Product Listing However, the options did not change anything, but the options for Product Listing in Columns 2.2.7 did amend the layout So, after a restore of mySQL and osC files I reinstalled Product Listing Enhancements, Thumbnails & Manufacturer Headings V1.4 and things looked good...until I clicked on a category and received multiple (the number of products in the category) errors: - Warning: Division by zero in \includes\modules\product_listing_col.php on line 140 and 1 error: - Warning: Division by zero in \includes\modules\product_listing_col.php on line 329 I double checked that the SQL import worked and I had made the correct changes (as far as I can see) However, in response to another thread I found that a change to line 24 in 'includes/modules/product_listing_col.php' as follows works: - if (PRODUCT_LIST_NUMCOL == 0) { Not sure why and don't have time to find out. When I have finished 'playing' and learning I will do a completely fresh install of 2.2rc2a and Product Listing Enhancements, Thumbnails & Manufacturer Headings V1.4
  10. Just as an aside - and I'm definitely not a PHP guru, you can change line 24 from: - if (PRODUCT_LIST_NUMCOL == 1) { to: - if (PRODUCT_LIST_NUMCOL == 0) { The product then works a treat. Be careful on how many products per row and the size of image you select! Now if I can just centre the images...
  11. Hi Spooks, Currently I have Product Listing in Columns 2.2.7 installed, but I need a bit more control over the layout. For example I can have 3 or 4 columns no problem, but I would like them aligned centrally including the product name underneath. From what I have seen and read this should easily be achievable in Product Listing Enhancements, Thumbnails & Manufacturer Headings V1.4? At the moment my product listings look like this: - And I'm looking for something like this: - I am also looking to get rid of the category links above the images as the don't really serve any purpose and I'm guessing that should be fairly straight forward. The main question is do I have to uninstall Product Listing in Columns 2.2.7 first? Oh, in case it's relevant - yes this is my first venture into osCommerce! I'm using 2.2 RC2 with the latest version of STS Many thanks
  12. ymfidds

    Bet you're bored of newcomers??!?!

    John Many thanks for the prompt response. I don't think I'm looking for specific answers - more of a "where can I find info on". I'm more than happy to learn for myself. As for a site? Well, I brought a ready-made site, and whilst I'm probably not looking to go live, I'm going to use it to play - I mean learn!!! Cheers...
  13. OK, I will apologise upfront! 20 years in IT and only now am I looking to host a web site! I have no real experience of coding or scripting, so you may need to be gentle with me! The 2 things I would like to know are: - 1) How do you change the layout of the site? I.E. The position and size of columns, position of banners and logos etc. 2) How do you change the aesthetics? Colours, fonts, spacing etc. You've probably heard it all before but....