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  1. trevorjdaniel

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Thanks for the info... I am going to see if somehow I can use either their "Ebay Turbo Lister" or their "Ebay File Exchange" software. Hopefully, I can use Ebay as the master and then export using their tools to a csv file i can then import into EasyPopulate.... Trev
  2. trevorjdaniel

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Hi, Can this contribution be used to automatically download items from my ebay shop and add them to OSC please? Thanks Trev
  3. trevorjdaniel

    Ebay Integration

    Hi Did you manage to get this working please? I am looking for some way of maintaing my ebay shop and get it to automatically update my osc shop? Thanks Trev
  4. Hi There, I really want to install a contribution that will improve the URL in my shop. I have seen a number of really good looking contributions online but they only seem to work on a non-windows platform. Something to do with cName and .htaccess. Has anyone seen one that works on Windows please? Thanks Trev
  5. trevorjdaniel

    Ok - I give Up! - I Need Help!

    you have to upgrade the paypal business but then you can take credit cards as well..
  6. trevorjdaniel

    [Contribution] All In One FCK WYSIWYG Editor

    Same here. I have all the latest releases of OSC, Fckeditor and the contribution. I have uploaded and changed all the files mentioned in the install document BUT, nothing appears on the categories.php page? I have now seen this mentioned in 2 different threads... Anyone fixed it yet please? Thanks Trev
  7. trevorjdaniel

    FCKEditor Not appearing in ADMIN

    Hi, I am getting the same problems... I have the latest release of OSC I have the latest release of the contribution I have the latest release of Fckeditor I have followed the instructions and changed the necessary files. I have tripled checked I have followed the instructions to the letter.... But, like others, nothing shows up at all on the page....?
  8. trevorjdaniel

    Help Please: Paypal Click Here To Retry Error

    Did you manage to fix this? I am getting the same problem.... Thanks Trevor
  9. trevorjdaniel

    Ok - I give Up! - I Need Help!

    extra info... i would really like to avoid moving hosts i would really like to avoid changing payment provider trev
  10. trevorjdaniel

    Ok - I give Up! - I Need Help!

    Hi, I'm getting really lost when trying to get OSC working on a host called Fasthosts in the UK. www.fasthosts.co.uk bit of background waffle... im on a shared server which is running MS Windows 2003 sever it runs php it runs mysql i have a shop up and running at http://www.sloctcarswaleslimited.co.uk/catalog/ i have a paypal business account with Website Standard Payments i have a module called "PayPal Website Payments Standard" in OSC so, i thought, i had conquered all the basics.... but.... oh no... how the hell do i get it connected to Paypal OSC seems to be asking all the right questions but... i just can't seem to get the answers from fasthosts.... It's asking me for a number of .pem files relating to security certificates.... i've managed to get the paypal public key .pem file but when i asked fasthosts for a .pem file relating to my website, they said they cant give it to me. Looking deeper, it looks like i can can buy 10mb of ssl space on fasthosts... which i will if necessary, but im worried that's not the end of this? but after speaking to about 5 tech people from fasthosts. They are saying.. 1. You need a fixed ip address to be able to get a certificate. 2. They obviously dont offer that on a shared server. 3. I need to upgrade to a dedicated server. All i want to do is give my customers a nice smooth checkout without them having to be a member of paypal. And ideally, i dont want them to leave my domain, but if they have to, it's nice and smooth... anyone out there to help little old me? trev