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  1. Need help!


    I installed the module and it seemed to work correctly except for that when I enter the individual prices into the admin product details it doesn't stay. I go back and it is 0 once again.


    It wont seem to keep the value.


    Am i missing something?



    Same here. :(

    Yeah, I had this too - I had a poke around and found a couple of bugs in categories.php. I've fixed them up and made a patch file - you can grab it here:




    A couple of things to note: I've made this patch against the file in v3.1 - I have no idea about other versions. Also, I've done all of about 15 minutes of testing. It seems to work for me. I make no promises, and your mileage may vary.


    For those interested, the bug would seem to occur when you try to modify an existing item - adding a new item probably worked fine.


    That's about it.