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  1. Hi I'm no longer maintain this contrib. Why? I'm using a Drupal to build my sites. Drupal has a 2 cart-modules (Ubercart and Ecommerce). So... it doesn't have a problem with e-shops... Sorry. osCommerce has very bad architecture and sites build with it has a big cost to maintain... With Drupal I can build site within 2 days! OsCommerce takes a few monthes... Ask Imrich Schindler for support this contrib. He wrote a big part of code for Contrib Installer.
  2. Ok. In next version I'll try to fix this. As I understud Contrib Installer should work with admin directory placed anywhere. Right now Contrib Installer designed for clear installation of osCommerce. Simple plan: 1. Install osCommrce at loacal mashine 2. Install Contrib Installer 3. Install all CIP you want. 4. Upload to the server files and database. (if you want - you can NOT upload CI and folder with CIP's, and folder with backups) This means that admin-folder placed always at the same place. But I'll try to fix this.
  3. Check permissions of column_left.php. Contrib Installer acts with web-server(apache/apache) rights. So it's posible to web-server to not have a rights to read this file. Also check a path to this file.
  4. Hi! Your zip file should have s cpecial file structure: step_by_step_orders_v1.8 step_by_step_orders_v1.8/catalog step_by_step_orders_v1.8/catalog/* ... step_by_step_orders_v1.8/install.xml If not Contrib Installer can't find install.xml at regular location.
  5. Also check for new Contrib Installer Packages.
  6. Hi! Sorry, but I did not resieve any email about your problems and I thought that Contrib Installer becaming a non popular. Try new version. Many bugs was fixed. Many will be fixed in next version which is coming soon. Contrib_Installer_2.2 released Changes since 2.0.6 (2.1 is very buggy): -All strings located in language files. -Removed intefration with phpbb. Removed class phpbb_user and phpbb forum features. -Fixed bug with Contrib Installer removing. -Changed layout and design. -All code was cleaned up. -PHP-tag now is not supported because of security reasons. -All CSS rules moved to separated CSS-file (includes/contrib_installer.css) -Buttons Pack/Unpack and Download is not shown by default. If you want you can turn them on on shop's configuration. -Added russian translation made by Vam ( -Added new parameters in description tag: <post_install>God bless you!</post_install> - message that will be shown after install -Added javascript confirmation for file deleting. Now page will be reloaded only once. -Removed editing, downloading and some unneeded features. -New parameter MAX_UPLOADED_FILESIZE. Visit to download
  7. Forgot to say: all this code should be placed at the end of application_top.php. Also if you want to use category with all subcategories use this: $top_category_id=10; $result=tep_db_query("select categories_id from " . TABLE_CATEGORIES." where parent_id='".$top_category_id."'"); while ($cat = tep_db_fetch_array($result)) $categories_list[]=$cat['categories_id'];- instead of: $categories_list=array('3', '4', '10');
  8. Hi! This is really GREAT contrib! Thanks! Only this contrib was solved my problem. I want to share with you this solution. Problem: We have products in different categories. For example in cat1 and cat1. Products in cat1 have a discount depended from amount. (For example(amount/percentage): 300:10,1000:15, ... 4500:50) Products in cat2 have a DIFFERENT discount depended from amount. (For example(amount/percentage): 700:10,1500:15,3000:20,7000:25,9000:30,12000:35,15000:40,20000:45,25000:50) Solution: //Vlad b EZ discount //Discount for given category: //Id's of categories which has a products with discount //$categories_list=array('25', '24'); $categories_list=array('3', '4', '10'); if (count($categories_list)>0) { $query="select products_id, categories_id from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_CATEGORIES . " where categories_id='".$categories_list[0]."'"; for( $it=1;$it<count($categories_list);$it++) $query.=" OR categories_id='".$categories_list[$it]."'"; $result=tep_db_query($query); $total4discount_prod=0; $products_in_cart=$cart->get_products(); //Make an array with products id's from specials categories: while ($pr2cat = tep_db_fetch_array($result)) $discount_products_list[]=$pr2cat['products_id']; //var_dump($discount_products_list); foreach ($products_in_cart as $cart_item) { if (in_array($cart_item['id'], $discount_products_list)) { $total4discount_prod+=$cart_item['price']*$cart_item['quantity']; } else $total4discount_prod2+=$cart_item['price']*$cart_item['quantity']; //========================================================= //Calculate discount1: if ($total4discount_prod<300) $discount_percent=0; elseif ($total4discount_prod<1000) $discount_percent=10; elseif ($total4discount_prod<1500) $discount_percent=15; elseif ($total4discount_prod<2000) $discount_percent=20; elseif ($total4discount_prod<2500) $discount_percent=25; elseif ($total4discount_prod<3000) $discount_percent=30; elseif ($total4discount_prod<3500) $discount_percent=35; elseif ($total4discount_prod<4000) $discount_percent=40; elseif ($total4discount_prod<4500) $discount_percent=45; else $discount_percent=50; //Calculate discount for total price of selected products: $easy_discount->set('D4M', '<abbr title="'.DISCOUNT_FOR_MAGAZINES_TEXT.'">-' . $discount_percent . '%</abbr>', (($total4discount_prod*$discount_percent)/100) ); //========================================================= //Calculate discount2: if ($total4discount_prod2>=700) $discount_percent=10; elseif ($total4discount_prod2>=1500) $discount_percent=15; elseif ($total4discount_prod2>=3000) $discount_percent=20; elseif ($total4discount_prod2>=7000) $discount_percent=25; elseif ($total4discount_prod2>=9000) $discount_percent=30; elseif ($total4discount_prod2>=12000) $discount_percent=35; elseif ($total4discount_prod2>=15000) $discount_percent=40; elseif ($total4discount_prod2>=20000) $discount_percent=45; elseif ($total4discount_prod2>=25000) $discount_percent=50; else $discount_percent=0; //Calculate discount for total price of selected products: $easy_discount->set('D4E', '<abbr title="'.DISCOUNT_FOR_EDITIONS_TEXT.'">-' . $discount_percent . '%</abbr>', (($total4discount_prod2*$discount_percent)/100) ); } } //Vlad e EZ discount God bless you.
  9. Hi, ELIOT! I have resolved all my problems. On clear osc all works fine so bugs that I posted was my own bugs. Sorry. Can you also do just one refreshment. When I inc or dec qty in cart cart content refreshes twice... Why? There is ajax cart at my site:
  10. I have even (!) registered at your site... But I couldn't add nothing to cart in Opera. Splash scrfeen "Product Added!" is showing all time... So I can't add and can't see how it works.
  11. Yes, you are right! Can be refreshed only changed data? I want also ask: How I can do auto request to server after 1 sec after user stops type quantity? Vlad
  12. Hi, Rinon! Glad to hear from you!!! Rinon started this contrib. CI now a hugh project and I want to do a CIP Creator... but I'm busy too... :( Ok. God bless you.
  13. Hi This is great contrib! Eliot you are cool programmer! I have replaced this js-code: with: And now I have a multilanguage alert message: "Remove?" I also change a design of remove checkbox: replaced with: and bug reportl: 1. When items count became 1 and I press "-" he ask me to remove but not remove item. 2. When I have 1 item in cart and use remove checkbox (or link) he ask me and I answer "No" he cleans all from cart and load index.php (main page). 3. When I have some items in cart and press "Remove" checkbox he ask me but not remove. Why?
  14. Hi! Here is an error in install.html: Should be (no "?>"):