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  1. Hello, Make sure have imported the sql file.The error tells that some part of the sql script file was not imported. Can check the database to see that. Regards, Bogdan
  2. Hi Kira, That should work fine.I don't know why it does not work for you the same. Maybe we can have a chat on that. My email is bpopa83@gmail.com or IM: moroienius@yahoo.com Regards, Bogdan
  3. Hello, For the second issue. In the package addon, there's a db sql script. In there it contains an alter table command that adds the column "is_exported" to the orders table. Make sure that column is in table orders.If not make a review on the script. Kind Regards, Bogdan
  4. It's a method of the box class
  5. Hi Jeff, In the readme file, check line 130 ( near ii) admin/includes/classes/box.php). If add those lines will sure solve the problem. Kind Regards, Bogdan
  6. Hi, In order to run this module properly you need to keep account of 2 things: 1) Provide a file with your items from Quickbooks to Quickbooks->Prerequisites->Load Quickbooks Categories (this module will make a match between quicbkooks categories to oscommerce categories - usually they are the same, but it may happen to be different named).This is useful when updating quantities from QB to oscommerce or exporting orders from oscommerce and import to QB. 2) When exporting, for the moment, the application set a flag for exported orders, so next export won't reexport the orders who have been exported previously. For example if have exported the orders once, next time when make export and no orders have been made meanwhile, the file will be empty for sure. I'm thinkng on a new version in the coming days and any suggestions will be very much appreciated. Kind Regards, Bogdan
  7. Hi, You need to review the installation procedure.You sure missed something there in readme file(for the first problem, see the line where's says about SimpleBox). For the other one, revise the sql script. It alters table "products_description" to add "products_warehouse_location" field in that table. Regards Bogdan
  8. When exporting orders from QB module all orders get status update, and them are not reexported. To reexport them again, just se in admin/quickbooks_export_orders.php file , near line 42 the following: $orders_sql = "SELECT orders_id FROM " . TABLE_ORDERS . " where is_exported = 0"; Replace it with: //$orders_sql = "SELECT orders_id FROM " . TABLE_ORDERS . " where is_exported = 0"; $orders_sql = "SELECT orders_id FROM " . TABLE_ORDERS; and all orders will be exported, every time though. Regards, Bogdan
  9. I know on case in which you can get that the transaction is not in balance. For example i know that in an order you have the sum of each item (or subtotal) + shipping + taxes not equal to the order total, QB will say the transaction is not in balance. Going from this can make a check on the amounts.Just an idea. Regards, Bogdan
  10. Hi, In the sql file it creates a table called 'q_to_categories'. You need to rerun the sql file or if this fails only the part where this table is created. The sql script does not check for table if it exists and it fails if you already have it. Because of this you need to see what has imported(by comparing your db with the sql file) and what remains to update from the sql and run only those who remain to be updated. Or simpler, revert to a backup and rerun the sql file. Regards, Bogdan
  11. Hi monikart, Regarding this error, i don't know wich can be the cause, maybe if you can send me the file, i will be able to respond what is wrong there. About the second, you forgot a step in readme file.See step 4), ii) around line 115. Regards, Bogdan
  12. Hi travistubbs, Some peoples may use diffrent categories names in QB than they are using in OsCommerce. For this came the "Load Categories" option which makes a match between QB and OsCommerce categories which then are used in import/export processes.If you have the same names in both parts, you can skip this. Hope this answers your question, Bogdan
  13. Hi Scott, Module was developed to work on IE and Firefox too. However, you can take a look in file quickbooks_export_orders.php (see line 246 to 250, regarding headers) where the header is set and echo the output to the file. Try playing with those headers and see how it works for you. I'm not around these days but at least i can give an advice. Regards, Bogdan
  14. Hello, 1) If can give me a way to test and look upon the problem i can take a look and fix the problem and see what's wrong there. I think this can help others; i heard peoples in the last time that had problems with quickbooks custom fields.(ftp/cvs/svn account). 2) Prerequisites consist of two elements: a)Quickbooks has some differences than oscommerce in products categories.Because of this user, before use the update products feature, must give application a file with the quickbooks categories(In the package is a file called Inventory.IIF from where user can load to a table that translate quickbooks categories to oscommerce categories using first feature in prerequisites).You can obtain this file from quickbooks.This is mandatory for the update products. B) In the process of exporting/update products, there are some constants used there. Use the second feature in the prerequisites to look upon them and do the customizations. This is optional, Hope this helps, Bogdan
  15. Hi, 1) Prerequisites are placed there in order to make the user pay attention that before use this module features, it must do some steps before. See the readme.txt file about their purpose. Once you've verified them they'll change their status to "Verified". 2)When click the export orders the page should stay as it is and a orders.csv file should prompt for download. I think there are some special settings for your server if this error appears. I suggest a debug on the page that deals with the export (admin/quickbooks_export_orders.php). Also you may place a error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); at the beginning of the file (mentioned above) after the first "<?php" to see what goes wrong. 3) "Step 3" in the readme file is . You open the directory structure of the module and copy the files from it in the same directory of your application. For example, copying "quickbooks_export_orders.php" from the module to application you'll have to copy "<module_download_dir>/code_files/admin/quickbooks_export_orders.php" to "<your_app_install_directory>/admin/quickbooks_export_orders.php". These are new files and for sure you won't have them and can copy. For the other ones you'll need to insert pieces of codes inside them considering that everyone has customized parts. Regards, Bogdan