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  1. Hi, I have canada post shipping module installed on my site. However, I have some items which are small enough to post via lettermail. The module does not cover this and the cheapest option is for a small package which is much more than it would actually cost. Is there a way that I can keep the canada post to calculate my other items, but have a different method of calculation for these certain items? Or maybe even a flat rate for them? Just an example so my question is clear; A customer wants to order a few small items, the weight causes these items to have a quite high postage whereas they are quite able to fit into a regular letter. How can I offer a cheaper postage for these particular items whilst still keeping the canada post module to calculate the other items in my store? Also bear in mind, different rates for Canada, Usa and International mail. I really appreciate any help that can be given as I have been searching through the forums and other related sites for a few days now. Regards, Nisa.
  2. Nisa

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi Eighteen48, Thanks alot for the reply. Yes, I had already changed the default template name. I also tried changing it to sts_blank_template (the file that is included with STS) to see if it would register, but it still shows up the same shopfront that it orignally had. I just noticed one thing...on the installation it refers to folder catlog...I don't have a folder catlog in my OsCommerce installation and so I just put everything in their corrosponding folders...i.e...includes>classes....etc. I didnt think it mattered as I was still placing them in the correct folder but maybe it does?? Please help. Thanks, Liz.
  3. Nisa

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to Oscommerce and STS and i really need some help. I have followed all the instructions for installing STS and I created a page in HTML which I save as sts_template in the test folder. However nothing seems to be happening to my store. It still has the old layout not even any images have shown up. Please tell me if I am missing something. Maybe I have uploaded my css file and images to the wrong folder? Is there a step by step guide to actually modifying the store the doc that I downloaded with the STS is a bit vague for me....sorry I did say I was new to this! Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Liz. P.s. Just wanted to add I have installed the module from the admin side also.