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  1. Poor_Knight

    Donations with and without purchases

    Can anyone tell me the 'other way'. We're already doing the donation 'product' but would like the flexibility of user inputted donation amounts. I cannot find an Add On for this.
  2. Poor_Knight

    Quickbooks API

    Do you know if it every processed the CCs successfully? Is this error new?
  3. Poor_Knight

    Quickbooks Merchant Services

    Total success. Converted from the test platform to the Production platform with no problems and the OSC is fully functional now.
  4. Poor_Knight

    Contribution Donation

    I need this as well. Foundation site that would like to accept donations but would like the donor to specify the amount rather that set up donation 'products' in a fixed amount. Anything out there? I thought I saw thin on another site....
  5. Poor_Knight

    Quickbooks Merchant Services

    Well I still don't know how to see the responses but I was able to process a test transaction. I have other verifications to do so this may be premature but the order went through and shows up in OSC inj all the right places, plus the email was sent. Need to check with QMBS to verify on their end too. What I did -> I enabled the CVS option in the admin for the Payment Module. It may be that Intuit requires it. I didn't change anything else - heck I didn't even touch this project since last Friday.
  6. Poor_Knight

    Quickbooks Merchant Services

    I'm hoping to find some help setting up OSCommerce with QBMS. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ns,5383/page,26 I've installed the Payment module and have the app registered at Intuit so I have my ap URL and ID, and I am able to get my connection ticket. I am using the Desktop model. When I process I get the Error message "An error has occurred within our system while trying to process your credit card." How can I see what the response from the submission is? Any additional advise or tips would be great :)