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  1. I have the ultrapics + lightbox installed. If I don´t have a large image in the folder the script still adds the image enlarge button to the small product image. Thus the following light box popup will hang up in it´s upload mode, because there is no picture to load. Is there any setting to avoid this, or must I add code to solve the problem? Please help Peter
  2. semillas

    Ultrapics + Lightbox 2.03.3

    I´ve just installed the package and it works, but I´ve a problem, if there is only one small product image. The software still adds the zoom button and because there is no picture to zoom, the lightbox can´t open and stays in the picture upload display until you click into the center. Did I configure something wrong, or is this the standard configuration? How can I fix the problem? Here is an example where I have uploaded 4 thumbs and 4 large picture = ok! http://www.semillas.de/catalog/product_inf...oducts_id=10312 And here the example with only one product thumb http://www.semillas.de/catalog/product_inf...oducts_id=10203 Please help! Peter