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  1. Some times support for contributions is not possible, due to lack of time or other circumstances (e.g. relocation, new job ...) But I'm willing to help as sone as my internetlink at home is working properly. So far Dominik
  2. Hi folks, is anybody out there, who have implemented the option_type_feature (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ions,160/page,7) into osc-MS1 yet?? Whould be nice to hear from U Regards Dominik
  3. Hi, I'm looking around this thread and the contributin section and I can't find a download. Is it possible that the different changes made in this thread could be combined in one download? fo far an a happy new year Dominik
  4. Hi, I released German Banktransfer on this site recently. Since I'm maintaining and supporting this module about 1,5 years I decided to release the package also on this international support site. The easiest way to contact me is sending an email (defined in README as dogu) or leave a note at German Support Forum so far and a happy new year Dominik Guder aka dogu