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  1. rebootmt

    EZ QuickBooks Integration Contribution

    I figured out two things. 1. I forgot to run the database sql file/ per the instructions. 2. On a couple of my stores, I would run the sql file per the instructions, it would appear to successfully complete the database changes...giving no error w/in the browser window. But if you went to the store's database no tables, etc. were created for quickbooks. I think this is because those databases had trouble with the syntax while other store databases didn't. I had to manually go to the database in install the "create tables" one by one, the first table created in the sql was the one that would error. Hope this helps anyone who's having trouble.
  2. rebootmt

    EZ QuickBooks Integration Contribution

    I did recheck to make sure I had filenames.php definitions entered...they were all there....I rechecked my installation again.....and still no quickbooks references show up in the column left in admin. I just don't get why it's not there. Any other ideas? Thanks so much!
  3. rebootmt

    EZ QuickBooks Integration Contribution

    Hi! I'm not sure where I have gone wrong, I have double checked my install....but I can't get the box for quickbooks to show up in the admin area. I have checked and quickbooks.php is installed in admin/includes/boxes...admin/includes/column_left.php has "require quickbooks.php" listed.... For example, if I type in http://mydomain.com/admin/quickbooks_export_orders.php the correct page comes up. I'm not sure why the main box link does not show up. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!
  4. rebootmt

    Quantity Price Breaks

    HI, I installed Quantity Price Breaks contribution. When I put say a quantity of 8 in the shopping cart, it would not calculate the discount. The discount table shows up correctly on the product info page. After seeing that the discount was not being applied, I replaced my original shop files with the contribution files. I am still not getting the changed calculation. Here are the files I replaced: \catalog\advanced_search_result.php \catalog\index.php \catalog\product_info.php \catalog\includes\application_top.php \catalog\includes\classes\shopping_cart.php \catalog\includes\modules\product_listing.php Thanks so much for any help!
  5. rebootmt

    [contribution] Update-o-matic

    I just installed the update o matic. When I go to update several orders, I type in the order numbers like this 4,5,6 and click update. It only updates the status of order 4 but not 5 or 6. Do I need to type them in differently? My last question is that when an email update is sent to the customer, the contents in the message body look like this: EMAIL_SEPARATOR EMAIL_TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER 4,5,6 EMAIL_TEXT_INVOICE_URL https://tigomanufacturing.com/account_histo...?order_id=4,5,6 EMAIL_TEXT_DATE_ORDERED Thursday 27 March, 2008 EMAIL_TEXT_STATUS_UPDATE Do I need to define these somewhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!