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  1. fcollingwood

    NZ International Economy, Air and Express shipping modules

    Unfortunately it isn't dynamic. However, it's a simple matter of changing the configurable values used in the formula.
  2. fcollingwood

    Zone, Weight and value based shipping

    Not what I was after, but it doesn't matter - I wrote new modules anyway, and put them in the contributions.
  3. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5818 These three modules handle international shipping via New Zealand Post International Economy, International Air and International Express. The modules automatically calculate charges for extra insurance and tracking for Economy and Air if the order value is over the free insured value (Currently $250.00), and charges for extra insurance for Express is the order value is over the free insured value (Currently $2000.00). The modules calculate charges based on the formula found in the javascript at http://www3.nzpost.co.nz/nzpost/control/ratefinder, and the default values loaded are also taken from this script. The configuration for the modules allows you to: 1. Change the maximum allowable weight for the shipping method 2. Exclude shoppers from certain countries from using the method (Nigeria, for instance!) 3. Change the maximum free insurance limit 4. Change the cost of extra insurance 5. Change the maximum order value allowed for a method 6. Change zone information. The modules are pre-populated with all options set correctly as at 17/03/2008 - they will work out of the box, with no extra configuration. The zip file has the module files stored in the correct paths relative to the osCommerce root. The modules are based on the default Zones module If you use them, and like them, drop me a message ;)
  4. Hi all I can't seem to find what I need in the shipping modules, I'm hoping one of the form members can point me in the right direction..... This is what I am after: I'm wanting to ship orders below a certain weight and value (2kg and $250) to ship via one method, with a set weight and zone based pricing structure If the value and/or weight of the order is over the limits above, I need to ship via another method, with a different set weight and zone based pricing structure For example, if a customers order weighs 750g, and the total cost is $150, the module must calculate the shipping cost via the first pricing structure. If the order weighs 2.5kg, and the value is $150, or if the order weighs 1kg and the value is $400, or if the order weighs 2.5kg and the value is $400, it must calculate the shipping charges using the second pricing structure. I don't want the customer to be able to choose which pricing structure to use, I want the calculations to be automatic. Is there any way of doing this? TIA