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  1. not to worry Jim... I'm doing this for myself too ;)
  2. I'll look into it, but I did not get the error though. I had a problem when a same product is copied into multiple categories, it gives you some weird behavior. I've made some modification on the coming version. I'm working on a new major upgrade and rename the mod to Quick Store Manager v 0.1.1. I had 2 modules working now - the Original Quick Stock Updater and a new Quick Price Updater. The Price update is very useful if you use SPPC. Do you want to test it for me? There will be a total of 4 modules: 1. Stock Updater - this is the original Quick Stock Updater 2. Price Updater - quickly update SPPC pricing - price can be updated using the same selection criteria (finalizing the code :D) 3. Cost Updater - this feature was requested sometime ago and I also need it now ;) - cost+shipping+tax+markup = retail price 4. Stock Reorder - products are assigned to suppliers and reorder list si displayed. this will make easier to create purchase order to different supplier. But this would take some time as new database need to be created
  3. The Active/Inactive is suppose to take the items in/out of the store. To set Back Order or Sold out, set Qtty to 0. :) I'm working on this feature - so we can sort on any colum :D I've added this feature but with a bit of twist - hover you mouse over the selection box and it will show you the category :). Let me know if I got this wrong I have a couple of weeks free time untill 24 of May.... yay!!!
  4. Hi Mike, Can you please explain more about this feature? Cheers Azrin
  5. Hi Mike, The reason why it is not updating is because there are errors in the sql statements that are not properly capture (sorry :( ) please try the v3.8 and let me know if you still have the same problem Cheers Azrin
  6. Hi Ferdi, please test the new release. I think i got it fixed. thanks for pointing this out. Cheers Azrin
  7. Ok got it to work!!
  8. I tried to upload a new version v3.8 but I was unable to upload the files. Anybody knows why?
  9. Thanks for the bug fix, I'll look into it. BTW, I have release a new version 3.8. but your bugfix is not in yet. Will put it in the next release Cheers Azrin
  10. Sorry guys, I was silent for quite sometimes.... Today I'm on leave so I had a chance to log in here :) Mike, My products are more than 3 level deep and so far it is working ok. I'm working on a copy function so that we can further sub categorize the parts/items that I have. As for your problem, I would like to suggest that you try it on a clean OSC. Please let me know the result. Since I seldom log in to this forum, if you have any problem, you can email me directly azrin_aris at yahoo dot com. or msn at azrin dot aris at live dot com. I will try as much as I could....
  11. Ok I will look into it... but it will not be so soon.... :rolleyes:
  12. I've been doing some thinking too to all these new features. I think this is a great opportunity to create a new all-in-one add-on (almost all)- Quick Store Manager or something.... where in it we will have the original QuickStock Update, then we will introduce QuickPrice Update, QuickSale Update etc. This is an ambitious project :) - I hope I have time to do it. But I will try my best.
  13. I'm thinking of doing the same too. But it would take a lot of changing to the original code (it has been rewritten twice ;)) I'm thinking of making it as an additional tag so that the code for the special pricing will be entirely different. But please do not expect this to be added in the next release. It might take some time for me to write the new code.
  14. Hey Jim, Thanks for the update. If it works ok with you, I think it should be fine. As I've mentioned earlier, this is a beta version. I have not gone through the issues thoroughly (yet). Thank you for helping me to test the add-on. I'll add the new code to the release version - but not so soon :( (Q1 Chaos ;)) Cheers
  15. I'll study this new feature... It might be good for me too..... BTW, glad to hear it works