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  1. Hi Allann,

    I'm writing to ask if you help with a little i'm having?

    I'm using the realex addon you have uploaded, but it appears that there is no facilaity for a realex sub account on it. I've been on to realex and they say that the merchant Id and shared secret must remain, but a sub account field should be added.

    Please let me know if could help with this, Than...

  2. piperman

    Realex Sub Account

    Thanks Chris, I did not know that....I stand corrected! I'll contact the people who developed the realex add-on so and see if they can help, Thanks Chris for your help, G.
  3. piperman

    Realex Sub Account

    Thanks Chris, Surely this would be the responsibility of Realex and not a third party? What do you think. Its seems a bit crazy to me that realex recommend OSC and then rely on others to support its module. Thanks Gary
  4. piperman

    Realex Sub Account

    Hi everyone, I'm using OSC2.2 RC2a with the Realex module installed for payments. I have setup a new Sub Account with realex but cannot get it working. I have my main account from my main website working 100%. Then i copied the site and changed the design and look of the site, so it appears like a different site to the customer, Realex off a sub account service so i can take payments from this new site onto my current realex account...but.... There does not appear to be anywhere where i can enter the sub account info in the backend of the oscommerce realex payment module. I have the merchant ID field and the Shared Secret, but a few small currency options. I have spoken to realex but dont seem to know the answer. Does anyone else out there have a realex sub account also? Regards Piperman
  5. Hi Thomas, I'me having this issue too, When you say that you Cleaned and reinstalled new ARR entries, what exactly do you mean. Could you talk me through it? Regards Piperman
  6. piperman

    OsCommerce Download Feature

    Hi Ben Nevis, Thanks for your reply. Of course you are correct, I guess It would help the situation if I posted the correct info in the first place! My site is skipping the shipping screen as it should for a basket with only downloadables like you said. The tax it seems is worked out on the billing address, not shipping as i thought as you correctly pointed out.... So it seems that the tax is based on the billing address of the customer. So a customer can purchase a downloadable product and choose their billing address as outside EU, say Australia, and the credit card processing company, in this case we use "realex payments" accepts it. My credit card has an Irish Address, but i just choose USA of Australia as my billing, i dont pay the Tax. So its clearer in my head now anyways, Hopefully you can help me Ben, Cheers, and thanks for your time Piperman
  7. piperman

    OsCommerce Download Feature

    I have a downloads question. I have searched lots of places around this forum but cannot find the answer. Our site sells mail order CD/DVDs to customers that we post to their shipping address. We now wish to start selling downloads. I have this working pretty good thanks to this forum's help. 1 issue I still have is the shipping address. If a customer is paying for a download, they can just change their shipping address for the download and avoid paying the TAX due. They can be in the state (Ireland) and choose their billing address as Ireland for their Credit card, but choose shipping address as outside the EU and therefore not pay the TAX that they should. This sounds great to me personally, but the taxman might not be so impressed..... Is there anyway to prevent this? Any help would be great Thanks a lot Piperman.