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  1. Hello, I'm having problem with my worldpay select junior 1.0 module! The transaction is made correct, everything goes fine but the order comments are not shown after editing order. If i try some other payment method, the order comments are shown but when order is processed through worldpay, it doesn't show comments. Please guide me what to do or tell me where have i done something wrong? A quick reply will highly be appreciated. Thanks.. Regards
  2. yoDude01

    Worldpay support III

    Hi guys! I've almost read all posts in this but couldn't find the solution for my problem! And the problem is that my orders are not showing up in admin panel after processing at worldpay! i had solved callback redirect problem, it redirects fine but the orders are not shown in my osc admin panel! Kindly guide me what to do? Please don't ignore it :(
  3. Hello guys! I have worldpay 4.0v1.9 installed. It works fine for test transaction but when i put it on live, it gives following error: the merchant account is suspended the currency you selected.. the authorization mode is incorrect test mode is unavailable the installation is not live please let me know why do i get this error? and whats the solution for it?
  4. yoDude01

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hell everyone! I'm using ajax attribute manager v2.7 and its working fine, i had some errors but solved by browsing this topic. I'm facing a few problems now: When i first load attribute template and then add my product info, after i insert, the attributes are not added, then i have to edit my product to add attributes again. it adds attributes, but still the price values which i set are not updated. I tried to save the template but it didn't work. Any solution for both of my problems?