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  1. Bestalad

    Sts Mega Power Pack

    Thanks Matt I am going to play around with the whole contribution on a test site (just worked out how to do this). I have a client which I think the STS will work well for. Anyway thanks for the advice and now lets get to it and see what happens. Del
  2. Bestalad

    Column Banner Advertisement

    Hi Great Contribution. Got it working ok except for one thing. It insists that the ad goes at the top of the column instead at the bottom. I have put it in my column_left at the very bottom on the list of things to include but it still puts the ad at the top of the column. Any ideas???? Del
  3. Bestalad

    Sts Mega Power Pack

    Hi I want to be able to use the dynamenu for dropdown menus on pages outside of my catagories. I already have my site finished so i do not want to use the STS format. My question is can i just use your dynamenu gone bonkers without using STS? Thanks. Del
  4. Hi i have just installed the customer testimonials contribution but i do not understand how to run the sql file to create a new database table. My site host created the database for my site, i tried to create another database with them but i cannot use the name "customer_testimonials" as i can only use up to 12 characters. Please help, sorry for the greenhorn question. Del