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    Adding shipping rate exception for one product

    Thanks for the advice. I'm not sure where/how to split the cart, however. How do you do this? Thanks, Greg
  2. Hi, A friend has asked me to help with a little adjustment to her OS Commerce site. My experience with OSC is limited. She has a store that sells clothing and she uses only the Table Rate shipping module. However, for a limited time she wants to sell tickets to an event. Obviously, shipping for tickets is not going to be the same as shipping for clothes. She'd like to set a flat rate for only the Tickets, without affecting the shipping settings of her other products. Before I make any changes in her store admin, I wanted to check here for the best way to do this. The big catch is that her web developer went AWOL several years ago, and her site software is pretty old. I don't know where to find the version number of OS Commerce, but the copyright in the footer says 2005. I'm concerned that if I have to add-on a shipping module, it won't work or will require an update of everything else. Is there a quick way to accomplish this without new software? Any advice? Thanks!
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    Is there any comprehensive documentation for this, or just the help files once it's installed? Does this contribution include: 1. Amazon-style affiliate links that pass the affiliate code in the referring URL 2. A "referrer code" input for manual user entry of an affiliate code