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  1. kodinbear

    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    Ok, this is my first contribution. I'm probably doing it all wrong. I hope someone can straighten me out. I installed the contribution and thought that I followed the directions. Apparently I have missed something. I get this error when I try to go to the admin section and the shipping module: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class fedex1 in /home/franktow/public_html/store/includes/modules/shipping/fedex1.php on line 15 Thanks, Shirley
  2. kodinbear

    Help! Contribution locked me out of my store!

    No. The same error shows up from my website when you click on the store button.
  3. I used the Local Delivery, Pick up option contribution. It gave me an error when I tried to use it, so I deleted it. It said there was a fatal error. Now I cannot login to my store thru osc/admin. It says: 1146 - Table 'osCommerce.configuration' doesn't exist select configuration_key as cfgKey, configuration_value as cfgValue from configuration [TEP STOP] Anybody know what this means? Thanks, Shirley