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  1. apple1

    One Page Checkout Support

    Hi Steve, thanks for your help, I was wondering if you could perhaps help with your superior knowledge, as I have been going for hours and can't make heads or tails of why my site is behaving this way... I'm sorry if you have answered this before, I scoured this forum, but still can't seem to find a direct answer on this: When using One Page Checkout, irrespective of whether I have it set to true or false in admin, my site ALWAYS goes to login.php. Do you know why this could be? Shouldn't it go straight to One Page Checkout and allow creation of account from there without requiring a login? I'm pretty disappointed, I really wanted this contribution to sidestep the need for login. Any light you can shed would be much appreciated. :-)
  2. apple1

    One Page Checkout Support

    Has anybody solved this? I am having exactly the same problem. Steve, when you say, "have you added any extra fields text area content to one page checkout", do you mean adding content to any of the checkout_whatever pages? ie, are all those main pages like checkout_shipping, and checkout_success, are they to be totally devoid of anything extra? Do you mean all these pages collectively when you refer to the 'one page checkout'? Because yes, I have extra stuff in them, but I'd rather not fiddle with them if I don't have to so I want to make sure I understand you.
  3. apple1

    One Page Checkout Support

    I would like to know if the following is possible please: Can One Page Checkout work where you can checkout without having a previously set up account, then in the one page checkout process it sets up the account, thus allowing Paypal IPN to work? My understanding is that at the moment it only works as a one page checkout IF you've set up an account before or are only using boring Paypal standard. Thanks
  4. I've just discovered that what happens is all photos for a product are resized to whatever dimensions the first photo in the series has. Meaning it's not necessarily the square. It's still a right pain. Any ideas?
  5. Hi There, I am so frustrated and hope there's a kind soul out there who can help me. I'm sure I'm not the first to experience this problem, but I can't find a solution. I have installed the More Pics contribution and all my photos display in the product info page within the same sized box, meaning that they are distorted and stretched to a perfect square. My photos are all different dimensions and I want the More Pics contribution to stop resizing them. How do I tell this contribution to display the photos to a constrained maximum, but to keep their own ratios so they don't look distorted? You you see what I mean here: http://www.playsforyoungpeople.com/amember...?products_id=50 as you can see, it's blowing out my left column and placing every shot in that annoying, ugly, square box. Now somewhere along the way I discovered that I could elect to not have the photos display on the product_info page, and only have them come up in the popup box, and what I discovered was that in the popup box they maintained their original size without being distorted, so I thought I'd use this as a solution. However as soon as I added more than two or three photos, the following weird thing starts happening: in admin, when I add a picture to a product and elect (by ticking the boxes) as to where I want the photos displayed (either the popup, category etc) it totally ignores my selection and just keeps showing the green dot as putting it on the product page anyway? What's with that? Anyone know the configuration setting combinations to get my photos either to only show in the popup where they won't be distorted (meaning get rid of the box on the product_info page) OR let me not have stretched and distorted photos on the product_info page? Hope someone can help. Thanks very much in advance.
  6. Hi, it's been a while now....... Anybody got any thoughts? Any suggestions? Did you, mapenn and wayneski, manage to find an answer? If so I'd love to know..... Please can someone out there in the wide world help.....
  7. Does anyone know if it is possible to put a tick box with each product, so users can select multiple products in a category and add them all at once to the shopping cart, rather than individually? This would save my customers a whole lot of unnecessary to-ing and fro-ing. Basically I want to create the same effect as what the the 'remove' checkboxes plus update button do in the shopping cart allow - that is - one action to apply to many products. Hope someone can help! Thanks very much.
  8. Hi everybody, At the risk of sounding stupid or patronising, I thought I'd clearly put down what had confused me for a few days to possibly help someone else with a similar problem. The solution to my woes was in the Super downloads contribution. How great is it?! If a newbie is looking for this answer, go to the contributions section, download the latest super downloads package and follow the instructions in the html file exactly. Make sure you DO NOT replace all the files, be sure to only merge in the differences, otherwise you'll lose a lot of vital info. :-) Double check to make sure that all these new bits you upload have the right permissions ( i say this because my files on my server only work with permissions 644, but they uploaded with an auto setting of 666, so I had to change these.) Also, the thing that made sense to me finally in the instructions provided with this contribution was the concept that each download status is attributed a value in the orders_status table in your database managed my phpMyadmin. You have to go back to your admin section of osc, go to contributions- downloads- Downloads Controller Order Status Value and set this value (I set it as 10), and then this number is like the magic line in the sand. All statuses above this number are allowed to be downloaded and all statuses below this number are not. The reason I could still access downloads whilst waiting for payments was that the status value that was attributed to paypal ipn automatically when I installed the paypal module was 13- a number above ten. When I changed this to below ten- bingo! It's amazing how a simple thing can lead you down the garden path for weeks. Good luck newbies! I am now a very happy camper! Thanks to all who helped me along the way. :D
  9. Hi there, sooooo appreciate your help, can't tell you how much! But still no go. Download links are constantly available in my account. By the way guys, I did have Downloads Controller installed. I should have made that clear, sorry. All my postings have been at the point of not being able to set the status right within Downloads Controller. And that's part of the reason why I just don't get why it's not working because everyone else seems to have no problems. I'm presuming that's why there are so few posting on this problem. Am I the only dummy? Also, to clarify, I am aware of the orders status area in admin- localisation-orders status and that changing these ticks and crosses in this area should affect the downloads. I think is where the problem might be??? Let me describe what I see on my orders status admin page: I have a list saying: 1 pending, 2 processing, 3 payment processing, 4 delivered, 11 downloads now available, 12 updated, Preparing [Paypal IPN]. (Please note that I put these numbers in as per AlexStudios instructions at http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...p;hl=AlexStudio instructions points 11 and 12). together with matching them in myphpadmin as he suggests. Then there's a column called 'Public status' all of these statuses are ticked green, is that right? Then there is a column called 'Downloads Status'- all are crossed red except for the option 'downloads now available' which I've ticked. Under the setting for the paypal module itself (modules- payment- credit/debit card via paypal) I have set the statuses to : Set Preparing Order Status Preparing [PayPal IPN] Set PayPal Acknowledged Order Status default Set PayPal Completed Order Status 11 Downloads Now Available Is all that right? To my thinking what I'm telling the system is "when an order is being processed by paypal, set the status to 'preparing [paypal ipn] and don't let the downloads be available (because there's no tick next to paypal ipn in orders status column) and then when the payment is processed, change the status to downloads now available and allow the download...." So why oh why do I still get live download links in my account page when the status is preparing paypal ipn??? :blink: I must missing something really obvious. Can anyone else see where I've gone wrong. Thanks again.
  10. please please please can someone help? I have gone through all the notes in the contributions and read through postings for two days. Installed, uninstalled, still doesn't work. If someone has made it work, I'll pay you to set mine up so it works. Please help! Thanks
  11. Thanks Glcustoms for responding, but I'm still unclear. :( Sorry if I'm missing something really easy peasy. Do you mind going into a little more detail? I'd like to clarify: I hear what you're saying about the Paypal IPN system changing the status. But I question whether the status releases the download link itself. I don't seem to have mastered this second part. So to be clear: If I go through the process of visiting the paypal page, but NOT paying and then returning to my store, I don't get taken to the success page and their are no download links. This is working correctly- also the status of that order does show as 'pending'. Excellent! Secondly, if I go to the paypal page and actually PAY, and then return to the store, I get taken to a success page which has my download links and the status back at my store does change to 'delivered', which indicates that the payment notification is working and feeding these messages back to my store. Again, this is correct. So IPN works in theory. But what I notice is the following which is problematic: But, if I DON'T pay and then go back to my store and circumnavigate a bit by signing into my account through the MY ACCOUNT TAB area, and I look at the order I just made but didn't pay for, it does show as 'pending' (correct) BUT the download links are ACTIVE. HMMMMM. So although the IPN is informatively correct, it doesn't serve to release or not release the downloads themelves in the my account area. So basically anyone who is smart enough to know to wander through the 'side door' - actively sign into their account can access all downloads they've put in their cart but not paid for. Not the best solution. I'd like to know how I can I get the actual download link (ie not the page with the links) to be available for download ONLY when the IPN changes the status to delivered so they don't show in MY ACCOUNT PAGE. Ie, what is the bridge between the ipn status changing and the download itself? Have I highlighted a problem in your system you were unaware of (sorry ;-) ) or have you got yours to work in the way I'd like mine to? if so, what I'd really like is some guidance as to set the statuses. What statuses did you attribute to your system in the paypal module to make your download only show once payment has been received, or what the php script you added if you had to add one? I really really really appreciate your help. Kind regards, Isabella
  12. I am so stumped. Does anyone know how to make paypal ipn trigger the availability of downloads? My understanding is that there's a loop hole - users can download products before having paid for them simply by going into their account, even before payment has been confirmed through paypal. To prevent this, I understnd that there IS the download controller contribution as an option, but it only works manually- meaning I have to approve the downloads before they're released. But this tends to take the immediacy out of having an online convenience store. I'd like my system to be able to accept payment through paypal then allow the download. Is there a way for the IPN to be connected and trigger/ allow the download? My brain is telling me someone else MUST have come up against this before. I'd really love it if someone could advise. It's quite urgent. Thanks so much for you help. :blink: :-)