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  1. Thank you, Fred, for that correction. My apologies, Yasmeen, for not noticing the sad news.
  2. Zahid, From what I could tell, the message_stack error message for the create_account.php page isn't being displayed, because the code is assigning the message_stack_area as being 'contact', when the area for create_account.php is 'create_account'. My workaround is to move if (in_array(basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']), $this->good_pages)) { to the beginning of the listen_injectFormVerify() function, and then add this line: $message_stack_area = preg_replace('@(?:_us)?\.php$@', '', basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])); The message_stack line is then: $messageStack->add($message_stack_area, MODULE_CONTENT_RECAPTCHA_ERROR . ' (Error: ' . $response['error-codes'] . ')'); Unfortunately, since the message_stack_area doesn't always conform to the filename, the regex above will not necessarily work in all cases without additional tweaking.