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  1. Thanks for adding to the contribution. I hope it works OK for everyone now. If wipmania goes down a lot you can always use your own database of reverse IP lookup (this was my original plan), there are some available free, but getting all that data onto your server would be a horrendous job as it seems to fail part way through due to its size. Oh and I moved my site to koonukiwear.com if you want to see it working.
  2. So your store runs in USD most of the time. You left the defualt in this contrib as USD... Have you set any of the currencies in the countries_currencyid table in the database to anything that you haven't set an exchange rate for in admin? I'm sorry to assume you've done something wrong, but so far every problem I've heard of has been a result of silly mistakes during installation that are easy to make, but disastrous as a result! Usually they're easy to fix, so it's a good place to start. Do you have any other currency contributions installed that might be conflicting? How are you limiting the countries of your visitors exactly?
  3. I have updated this contribution. The instructions have been edited to ensure they are clear. Please download v1.1.
  4. Did you change the default currency as per installation instructions from USD to a currency you actually use? It sounds like you've left it as USD and your store is looking up a USD exchange rate that doesn't exist, hence the $0. Otherwise it wouldn't be displaying $! Please read the instructions CAREFULLY when installing contributions. I've had a lot of e-mails from people who are having problems with this contribution and it's because they've skipped one of the steps.
  5. I'm not sure what you're asking, but if there isn't a "fail safe" in there already that gives a default if all else fails then that's an issue worth addressing urgently!
  6. The contribution pulls the visitors country from an external IP->country database and outputs the country. It then goes on to look up the currency in a n internal table If you look into the code a bit (it's been far too long for me to remember) you'll see the variable that it stores the country code as. You could use that very easily to perform any operation that needs to know the visitor's country. As long as other uses of it come after this contribution's code on a page, it'll work. I guess the easiest way might be to put an if statement in with the bit of osCommerce code that decides whether or not to add VAT.
  7. Hi, Unless I've overlooked it, osCommerce sends contact us emails but doesn't bother to store the enquiry in the database. Do you know of a contribution that will make this happen? Thanks.
  8. That's very strange. I can't see anything wrong with your copy of my code. If all you did was stick the currency bit in there shouldn't be any problems. Do you have any other currency related contributions installed? Or any contributions that find customer's countries? It's possible there's a conflict, but that shouldn't give a blank page. Sometimes I get a blank page if it didn't upload correctly. Try uploading it again. Otherwise ask in General Support, someone more knowledgeable might be able to help, as I don't think this error relates directly to this contribution.
  9. Just to clarify the final steps in the installation instructions:, as there has been some confusion: By "change the countries_currencyid field for any countries that you wish to have a different currency for", I mean you will have to look at your existing table, the "countries" table, and manually (or with SQL commands) change the value of the "countries_currencyid" field to the 3 letter currency that you want to be associated with that country. For example: Let's say this is your "countries" table, and what it looks a bit like after using my SQL command to add the new field/column: countries_Country_id countries_Country Countries_currencyid 1 United States USD 2 United Kingdom USD 3 Canada USD 4 France USD As you can see, all countries are currently associated with USD, so they will all display in dollars. You will need to change the value of the currencyid *for each individual country* to whatever currency you want it to use. The first thing I did was to change United Kingdom to GBP. I did this in phpMyAdmin. Then I changed Canada to CAD and France to EUR. Of course, you will have to manually change the value in that field/column to the currency you want to use for that country. The outcome should be something like this: countries_Country_id countries_Country Countries_currencyid 1 United States USD 2 United Kingdom GBP 3 Canada CAD 4 France EUR Sadly I couldn't have the module set up to do this for you, as I had no idea what currencies/countries different osCommerce users would want to use. Remember to only use currencies that you have set up in your admin countrols!
  10. seb1188

    Auto Update Currencies

    In this new version, is the date checked only set if the update was succesful (and not when the update runs, but doesn't work)? If so, great work, solves a lot of problems! Thanks.
  11. seb1188

    SEO Assistant

    That seems unlikely, given that the word "koonuki" only returns results related to my store, with the exception of one other website... and yet it won't even appear "in the top 1000"... but I'll take your word for it since you are using the same code and getting a result. Cheers.
  12. seb1188

    SEO Assistant

    Yahoo works fine. MSN worked fine after changing conditions to <cite> </cite>. Google still does not work even with the new conditions... ??? Once again I have chekced the URL it uses to search Google, and it does appear in position 1, as expected... I know there have been problems with this previously, but Google definitely use the <cite> </cite> thing, but using this doesn't work?????
  13. seb1188

    Site_search Contribution

    Oh... now I feel foolish. Never mind, it helped me learn php! Thanks.
  14. You've posted you're first topic in the wrong place in the forum. Put it in General Support rather than feedback and you're more likely to get a response...

  15. seb1188

    Site_search Contribution

    Hi Jack, I thought your Google position contribution looked useful for store optimisation etc, but it appears to be a little out of date... With reference to google_position.php I have a feeling google don't use the same HTML code that the function searches for (the if(eregi("<font color=#008000>(.*)</font><nobr>",$var,$out)) bit, line 85). I told your page to echo the filename, checked the website source that comes up when it uses it, and found that the URLs are surrounded by <cite> tags instead of a colour code, with styles in the header. But changing eregi term to <cite>(.*)</cite> didn't seem to help. I used a variable, moved it around etc to try and debug and found the exact point in the code where the (first of hopefully 1) problem occurs, but I don't know what to do past here. Do you have a working version of the contribution anywhere? From my debugging, I've concluded that it's either a problem with eregi (line 85) or $var (which would cause eregi not to work). Here are lines 78-96 of google_position.php, with a few of my debugging comments: // Now load the file into a variable line at a time while (!feof($file)) { $var = fgets($file, 1024); //WORKS TO HERE ($found123 returned at end of page as 1) // Try and find the font tag google uses to show the site URL //CHANGE NEEDED? - google no longer displays font tag in the previous format if(eregi("<font color=#008000>(.*)</font><nobr>",$var,$out)) { //ERROR OCCURS HERE - variable $found123 (set to 0 at start of page) is not returned as 1 at end of page if set to 1 here. // If we find it take out any <B> </B> tags - google does // highlight search terms within URLS // $out[1] = strtolower(strip_tags($out[1])); // Get the domain name by looking for the first / $x = strpos($out[1],"/");