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    Two shipping rates?

    yes search contribs (added shipping charges)
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    Extra Shipping Cost Help

    I haven't used it yet, but maybe MVS would work for you.
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    Product specific shipping modules

    And a lack of respect...in reply to you also !! :-) Jim
  4. Has Craig evaporated? :-)

  5. trochia

    Customer Add Product

    Looking at this module now, and wondering if you ever got it working? Has anyone? Thx in advance, Jim
  6. ?? No comments for Scott? I am proud to add the first one then. I had installed OSC 4 years ago, and it was messy and buggy. I am just trying it again, and my first installed module was his Package Tracking and experieinced wonderful help during the few little problems I had. Jim

  7. Me also, now...to make IT work...and the best of IT :thumbsup:
  8. :-) Now, I see it... (In the e-mail) as for what my prior question was about... :thumbsup: Houston!! The Eagle has landed ~~ I can flow thru an order, of a fresh install of OSC (osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2a.) w/no other mods involved in it yet. To me, taking care of the background logistics was a "Priority 1" before continuing...and I thank-you for your relentless efforts on this mod. Does it work?...<laugh>... I don't know yet...lol.. But I have much faith!! I want to thank-you very much also for the fine documentation on this Scott, (except for the couple of questions I did have...and thx again for the answers thru the intall) as when i first PM'd you about this...I explained some about me. Back in the 80's when I was coding...my development of my C code, my comments would outrank the code 4-5x during development.. Remember, that's when a box w/ 4 meg-of-ram on board was a "super computer" :lol: Now that it is installed, and I can "see" in the admin where/what etc...to enter... I do have a couple of "side questions"...that I'd like to ask about overall flow-vs-function...and if you don't mind me sending in a PM...instead of cluttering a support thread of yours for my questions.....if you have time. Thx again brother!! You'll be getting a donation from me on this one... Jim PS... Amy ??.. You never posted again, and I hope you didn't get flusterd and say " to heck with it "... If you need help, I'll be more than happy to also help you get as far as I did..and answer anything I can involved with this contrib so far.
  9. This post, also goes with the above as: > Your order has been updated to the following status: %s Is sure a callout to something else, that does not exist in the original file...and maybe it's a callout to something of "yours"... Which "told me" in the above, that "somehow"... The "Order" is "Editable" ?? Scatching my head, in confusion... :'( PS... And, for the heck of it....my cart is "still totally functioning" from start to finish... I had a week in it before I started this, and going thru "other forum suggestions".... without asking questions... 10 days of work...went down the drain... as all worked...except somehow....during someones prior suggestions... Creating a new account...stopped working...
  10. Great and thx... (sorry) Call me a pinhead on that one... It's 10am here, been back and forth on this an adding items to the cart...and 2 pots of coffee since 3:45 making my eyes flutter some.. OK, I did Part 1 step 6.. Now ?? And REPLACE with this (customize): ( Your code says > If necessary, you may update your order directly by following the link above (login required). And the other has nothing like that...so... Does this have something to do with Order Edit contrib? Just checking...and I'm past half way thru your install file... I hope I get it done this year...<just kidding while I am laughing> And each step, I am uploading and making sure my cart is still somewhat intact...also...except for total checkout. Jim
  11. Not a problem, and for this one I am doing...I don't feel I'll need it one way or the other... But, now here is a "dumb one" I decided to just continue and also read on. I am at Step 6 >define('TABLE_HEADING_TOTAL_INCLUDING_TAX', 'Total (inc)'); Now, I have a fresh install ( well, it was a few days ago...lol And > OPEN catalog/admin/includes/languages/english/orders.php Has the following... DUPLICATE entries from what I can see? define('TABLE_HEADING_PRICE_EXCLUDING_TAX', 'Price (ex)'); define('TABLE_HEADING_PRICE_INCLUDING_TAX', 'Price (inc)'); define('TABLE_HEADING_TOTAL_EXCLUDING_TAX', 'Total (ex)'); define('TABLE_HEADING_TOTAL_INCLUDING_TAX', 'Total (inc)'); Now, You've been into this cart much longer than I have...and me... I'd delete the dups, but I'm not sure if they're needed.. And I really dislike bothering anyone on a Sunday...but I have to post...when I have time... Jim PS...Also, for some reason, I am not getting notifications e-mailed of your posts at all, even though I selected it on my first post, but I did get notified when Irin made a post... That, I can't figure out either...as it says: You are currently receiving email notification of replies ADDED > OK, I did Part 1 step 6.. Now ?? And REPLACE with this (customize): ( Your code says > If necessary, you may update your order directly by following the link above (login required). And the other has nothing like that...so... Does this have something to do with Order Edit contrib?
  12. I hadn't run across "Order Editor" as of yet, but went and looked at the contrib for it, and see that it presently sits at a version of: 5.0.61. So this raises a question I need to ask please. IF I continue, should I just use OE2.7.4 ? Or will this (5.0.61) be incompatible with what I am doing (installing your contrib) in the future? Thx again, and sorry for the questions.... ( I have no problem popping of a donation Scott, I consider at my point of what I am doing...that getting your mod to function...is more critical for clients at my stage of my catalog. Again, thx!! Jim
  13. Scott ( and Irin ) Thank-you both for the replies... ( sorry for my late one, but just able to get back to this) Scott? > "***See the "mods" folder for integrating this step into Order Editor (2.7.4)*** HHmm,, I presently just finished Step 5 and noticed the above and it's also on Step 6...and haven't looked ( or got ) further down... a) Is this a MOD I should have installed first? If you're using it, I'd said it's a good thing?...lol B) Will I run into problems if/when I do add the above mod?... IS it something?? I should STOP right now with yours, and get into mine first? Again, will await the replies...as I'd rather dirttft ( do it right the first time ) Thx again, jim
  14. Time is now 5:48pm CST, I am holding off on install until questions clarified. I read back thru a few posts, and many people just stop posting.. I would like to help and report, and this is fresh install with "no mods" as of yet.. Jim
  15. OK, Now I am at Part 2 of step 3 says: "INSERT this ABOVE the last line:" I would suspect that this should be : After > 'total' => strip_tags($order_total['text']), And before shipping_method?.. I am also making little notes...( that I'll get to you when I am done ) so that maybe they can be added to the install/help file to also help clarify to others in the future... Jim PS.. Just taking my time with it (installing) while doing a few other things also.... PSS.. I just don't want to end like Amy did... lol.. Never to be heard from again..haha
  16. OK... Thx, also a typo ? This is REQUIRED in order this addon to function properly. should be > "order FOR this" And away~~ I go~~ Jim
  17. NO!!! (laughing) OK, 1) imported tracking.sql 2) Looked all over your folders first manually for the following file as it says in install.text...then did a disk search for "button_track.php" catalog/includes/languages/english/images/buttons/button_track.php Maybe you meant? .gif ?? As mentioned, sorry...but that's what is says...lol...and if you're as nit-picky as I am, I thought I'd let you know... jim
  18. Using nothing yet :-) So I am going to run with 2.1... Again, thx for the PROMPT !! reply, and I'll let you know how it goes... Jim
  19. I haven't installed a thing yet... and I sure thank you for the reply.. So, if I install just > 12-Mar-08 Package Tracking with Email Notification Mods This is actually the same thing except with e-mail? as > 09-Mar-08 Package Tracking Plus Sorry if the questions seem dumb...lol... But I've done my share of "not asking questions"...lol Jim I'll play with the cron stuff...if I ever get this rolling... haha
  20. Hello Scott, and thx for for work...and also for the reply the other day.. Well, I have 3/8 version...that I was just reading ready to install, but I read this> And was wondering if " I was NOT " upgrading, if I had to do it? I guess I'll scrap what I am doing at this point, and go get the latest release...But I thought I would ask the question, as not to screw anything up... Thx again, jim added, Now I am really confused...lol http://addons.oscommerce.com/profile/69588 Do I need Both ?? 12-Mar-08 Package Tracking with Email Notification Mods v2.2; Features 09-Mar-08 Package Tracking Plus v2.2; Shipping Modules
  21. trochia

    % price set per category.

    I am interested in doing the same thing. Has this been doen yet please?