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  1. jcforbes

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Thank you!! I did want to display the rollover menu below the product description, but I decided I like how it works now with the popup. Thanks for your help!
  2. jcforbes

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Thank you! I've discovered just a couple more things now ;-). 1) Go to: http://blackforesthybrids.com/store/produc...;products_id=32 Bring up the pop-up Pick an image with a description. Notice that the description appears to the right of the image. I'd like it to be below the image. In what file is the code that does the layout? If I'm right I'm looking for the "$imagemenu->altgroupoutput" function, and I'll simply need to add a 'br'. I may play with the text styling while I'm there too ;-). 2) If I try to display the images in the product info instead of the popup they always appear to the right side of the product description, not below and centered as specified in the config. Possibly a related note, if I set 'group parent with sub-images' to true while 'image behavior' is set to 'product_info' all of the images just dissapear. Turning off 'group parent with sub-images' the images display exactly as they do in the popup, just they appear to the right of the product description and take up 90% of the width of the info area.
  3. jcforbes

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    I figured it out! SQL is cropping the file names. For example my original image was "pp_front_medium.jpg" which seems to be exactly the max length for an entry in the database considering a long URL. When the module made the thumb "pp_front_mediumm.jpg" SQL cut the name to "pp_front_mediumm.jp" which seems to screw with the images module ;-). Simply re-naming the source file to "pp_front_med.jpg" and re-adding it solved all of the problems. Thanks for the note that at least you were trying! Most of the time people aren't even that curteous ;-). I don't feel like counting the char length right now, but here's the whole string if somebody wants to know: http://blackforesthybrids.com/store/images...ont_mediumm.jpg
  4. jcforbes

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    http://blackforesthybrids.com/store/produc...;products_id=29 I've got the module working, but have some small issues. 1. On the above link there is a "Click here to enlarge" link just by itself in the middle of the page. It moves when I change table alignment, but the image shown doesn't move when I change table alignment. 2. If you click the image to bring up the pop-up you'll notice that both thumbnails are the same image, but if you mouse over the right one the displayed image changes. Any ideas?