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  1. What a Cop-Out!!!! You state that Paypal does not let you pay yourself and I asked you where you got that information. At least have the decency to justify your dubious comments. As for Jack-mcs, have you tried it? It works fine. If it isn't in the rules then you shouldn't invent an interpretation. I don't think Paypal have any difficulty in you paying yourself as you pay a charge to do so.
  2. Still waiting for either of you to provide me with the information in Paypal where you can't pay yourself!!!
  3. Out of interest, does either of you have the relevant line in the Paypal agreement where it specifically states that you cannot pay yourself?
  4. Unfortunately many people report on here that the sandbox doesn't work very well. Are you suggesting going to the trouble of setting up the sandbox is EASIER than simply performing one transaction to test whether it is working? Why do you need to "carry out lots of test purchases?" Finally it seemed to work ok for the original poster!!
  5. Tried to test but would not let me into Paypal as it said invalid address. I have found that as I have a paypal account it is recognised from a cookie and only allows me to pay using the account. If you try to log on from elsewhere from a computer where there is no paypal account recognsed it gives both options. You might need to delete cookies to see if it works
  6. Not sure what you mean by this. You don't install the return to your website. The return is a setting in the Paypal profile. I don't know what you mean by a layby.
  7. The easiest way to test is to make an item 1p and then purchase it as if you are a customer. It will cost you the penny to do it but it will give you an indication of the procedure and a copy of the emails sent to the customer.
  8. Sounds like you have either installed the wrong Paypal or your settings are incorrect. Which Paypal version are you using? It sounds like you just need Paypal Standard. Otherwise what seetings have you got in the paypal module. If you want to take payments on your site rather than letting your customers go through Paypal you will need the encryption but it can be expensive and fiddly to set up. I make all my customers go through Paypal and make their payments their. I don't have any problems as a result so in my opinion there is no benefit for me to get an ssl key. Others believe it is more professional looking to take payments directly on the site.
  9. Except you don't know if the return is set correctly!!!!!!
  10. Have you set the paypal IPN return in your paypal profile to xxxx/xxxx/checkout_succerss.php where the xxxx refers to your shop cart folder(s)?
  11. For point number 2 it looks like your IPN on the paypal site profile is not set correctly. It should be set to shopfolder/shopfolder/checkout_success.php For point 1 I am unsure what you are completing. My currency is set in Localization/currencies of the admin panel. I have no currency setting in my paypal module in OS Commerce admin panel.
  12. If you don't set it correctly then the order is not completed on the OS Commerce admin panel. In effect you get the email from paypal stating that £XX has been paid. When you log into the admin panel you can see the details of the person making the order but there is no specific order details, ie what they have actually purchased. I make mention of checkout_success.php because others on here have insisted that the correct setting is checkout_process.php. Checkout_success works for me. As I have mentioned, make an item 1 penny and then buy it using made up details in the order field of OSCommerce. If the return is not completed properly you will see the order lacking details in the admin panel.
  13. Just start by using the Paypal Website Payments Standard. I use this without any contributions and it works fine. You do need to set it up correctly with the appropriate paypal details. I always state that you can then make one of your items 1 penny and buy it yourself. This will show you the process and only cost you the penny. It means that anyone whether a paypal account holder or not can pay and they do so in the secure area of Paypal's website. It also shows you what emails you receive as a customer. Make sure your IPN in paypal is set correctly. Mine is set to http://shopfolder/subfolder/checkout_success.php. The only criticism I have of paypal is that unless the customer returns properly you don't get the correct records in your admin. To offset this I have warnings on my website so people return correctly.
  14. I use Paypal Website Payments Standard. You should just enter your paypal details into the appropriate fields and it will work. If you have difficulties then post back here. If you want to check what happens then make one of your items 1p and then buy it using your credit/debit card. You will then be guided through the whole process and it will cost you a penny. If it doesn't work then you can post what the problem was. You should ensure that your Paypal IPN is switched on and set correctly in your paypal account. In my case it is set to return to http://shopfolder/subfolder/checkout_success.php. It will also show you what emails you get sent as a customer. If you have a look at some of the older posts there is a guide to setting up paypal if you wish
  15. I don't see why it should. You customer selects the products in your cart. At the moment they select method of payment they see what they have ordered and a total to pay. They then select the payment and pay that amount. They then receive an email outlining their payment and order. Why do they need to see it in paypal as well?