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    Feature request:
    I am running a shop that sells dishware.
    In stock I have "top of the line" dishes that are in A1 condition.
    I also have in stock "blemished" dishes that should not be sold for the same price. These "blemished" dishes I would like to put up for auction. In the auction itself I would like to describe exactly what these "blemishes" are to eliminate any confusion.
    At first I thought the way around this would be to add the "blemished" dishes as a "separate" inventory item. BUT, adding this as a separate inventory item with the description that the auction is only good for blah blah blah, it ALSO shows up in the regular shop. I want to keep these "blemished" dishes separate from the shop's "top of the line" dishes.
    Another scenario I can think of is "out of date" items or "expired" items that a shop owner has in their inventory but would like to auction off.
    Solution (?):
    Add a description under Auction Details: why these items are being auctioned off for less ...
    The challenge:
    The shop has 18 dishes product_id=xxxxxx
    Out of these 18 dishes 1 set is slightly damaged on the bottom
    Out of these 18 dishes another set is slightly damaged in another location
    etc, etc, etc.
    Can these dishes that have different blemishes be auctioned off for different prices and different auction ending times be auctioned at the same time ? (After all, product_id=xxxxxx is the same for all)
    PS: at this time you can not have two auctions for the same product_id. I noticed that when you add a bid to the second auction of the same product, the first auction is changed to that bid. - which makes auctioning off individual pieces of inventory not possible at this time.
    Input would be greatly appreciated.