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  1. I'd like to know as well.
  2. Can someone help me please. Example: Starting Bid: 4000.00 Overbid Amount: 100 The first bid is now $4100.00 I would like the starting bid to be $4000 Is there an easy way to edit oscauctions.php to accomplish this ? Please ....
  3. Check AuctionTastic. It is a great contribution with "some" short comings. Yes, you can auction of your products. No, you can not auction of multiple auctions of the same product at the same time. (i.e. you have 18 items in stock of which 2 of those items are damaged and would like to auction those off at the same time) Yes, with the CUSTOMER ADD PRODUCT contribution a customer can add their own auction for a product they have added to your website. You need to be able to customize this on your own to make it work. I've managed to make this work but I have no idea how. Check and read the forum for CUSTOMER ADD PRODUCT and read the forum AuctionTastic to get a better understanding how it works. Install both on your local host and see if this will do the job for you.
  4. It is my understanding Oscommerce does not allow insertion of html formatting in client parts. This is because of security reasons. If you allow "outsiders" to add their own information such as pictures, videos, they will be able to insert simple viruses, trojans and back doors. Viruses will not hack your site but they can/will hack customers/visitors to your site. Just my .02 cents
  5. I'm curious, I just went to your website. I installed this contribution as well but a person does not have to login to see the prices or the bidders. Is this an added contribution ?
  6. Jack, with the above mentioned changes this is what happens to sitemappages.xml Before: AFTER: Should the individual articles be in the sitemap.xml as well ?
  7. Check, tried to find the product_status information you refer to in above code. I find this information in general.php and categories.php. Where would I change this to not show the item on the site but still show the item in sitemapproducts.xml ?
  8. Jack, Couple of questions if I may: Articles is installed on our website. Also your latest SEO friendly Url's installed. The URL on the website is SEO friendly for the articles contribution - however the sitemappages.xml page does not show search engine friendly urls whereas sitemapproducts.xml is SEO friendly. Any thoughts ? Also, I've made a few products as "not available". This is temporary. This morning they were not included in the sitemapproducts.xml. I do not want to loose the rankings for these products. Any thoughts ? The exlude instructions worked marvelously - I just wish the extra_info_pages w/admin worked a bit better with all of this. For the life of me I can't get it to work with SEO friendly URL's eventhough I changes the .htaccess file. Oh well someday ..... Thanks for all your help Jack.
  9. The moment the auction ends, is the high bidder notified via email ?
  10. Ref: extra pages info box w/admin I've made all the changes as suggested above. I still have the I would like to have this display or something like that. Is this because the server is running php5 ? Or am I missing something somewhere ?
  11. looks like there is an error in your config.php file WS_CAT / and FS_CAT / looks like there is a space in front of the / Nice website though ...
  12. I'm probably missing the upgrade instructions from v1.1 to 1.2 or do I have to start from scratch ?
  13. Jack, I found it, here is the culprit in catalog/includes/config.php I changed define('DIR_FS_CATALOG', dirname($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['SCRIPT_FILENAME']) . '/'); to define('DIR_FS_CATALOG', '/Users/XXXX/Sites/CCY/'); That fixed it. What's the difference between the two and is one better over the other ?
  14. Found the culprit - but don't know why in catalog/includes/config.php changed define('DIR_FS_CATALOG', dirname($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['SCRIPT_FILENAME']) . '/'); to define('DIR_FS_CATALOG', '/Users/XXXXX/Sites/CCY/');
  15. Should the sitemaps be generated in catalog/googlesitemap/ ?? here's the result of running localhost:8888/googlesitemap/index.php Write /Users/XXXXX/Sites/CCY/googlesitemap/sitemapproducts.xml Generated Google Product Sitemap Successfully Write /Users/XXXXX/Sites/CCY/googlesitemap/sitemapcategories.xml Generated Google Category Sitemap Successfully Write /Users/XXXXX/Sites/CCY/googlesitemap/sitemapmanufacturers.xml Generated Google Manufacturers Sitemap Successfully Google Sitemap Specials not generated - no specials found! Write /Users/XXXXX/Sites/CCY/googlesitemap/sitemapindex.xml Generated Google Sitemap Index Successfully CONGRATULATIONS! All files generated successfully. If you have not already submitted the sitemap index to Google click the link below. Before you do I HIGHLY recommend that you view the XML files to make sure the data is correct. For your convenience here is the CRON command for your site: php /Users/XXXXX/Sites/CCY/googlesitemap/index.php Here is your sitemap index: http://localhost:8888/sitemapindex.xml Here is your product sitemap: http://localhost:8888/sitemapproducts.xml Here is your category sitemap: http://localhost:8888/sitemapcategories.xml Here is your manufacturers sitemap: http://localhost:8888/sitemapmanufacturers.xml The sitemaps in http://localhost:8888/ are empty. Just wondering what I did wrong.