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  1. Hello, I have been at this for a couple of days already and I cant seem to figure out how I can charge a credit card from the order editor page. I have installed the Manual order creator that lets you create an order from the admin side and then takes you to the order editor page so you may add the products. I would love a contribution or a way that I can have a button that says charge card and when clicked a small window pops up asks you for the card info and you click process and it charges the card just like on the customers side when they complete the order. Can anyone help in accomplishing this? Thank You in advance :-)
  2. djkubus

    customer_id in moneyorder module

    Hello I'm trying to have the customer's customer id be displayed in the moneyorder/check payment module that comes with the OSC store. I want the id to be displayed in the checkout_confirmation page if they select the moneyorder module as a payment type. Right now when that is chosen all it says is where to send the payment to and who to make the check payable to I want to add the information "please write your customer ID of $cID in the memo field" where $cID will be the customer currently logged in customer id. Can someone please help me with this, I have tried playing around with the define field in the language file for that module but no success. Thanx :-)
  3. Hello, I apologize if this has been asked before but I cant find the answer when I do a search. Im wondering if there is a way to pass the coupon to the store using a url for example lets say I have a coupon code of XYZ and my domain is www.mystore.com is there a special format like http://www.mystore.com?coupon=XYZ when someone clicks on it it will apply the code automatically when customer goes to checkout. Thanx in advance for the help :-)
  4. Burt, i'm not much of a coder so I thought this would work as I have found this call tag in another script to thats what I thought the cart uses for quantity. By any chance would you know where to insert this code into the flat.php module I tried in the same place as the one above and I get a php error. I looked for $cart anywhere in the coding and that line does not pop up... Thank you in advance for your help :-)
  5. djkubus

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Hello I love the contib and I would love to use it but... I use USPS and UPS XML when a customer is not logged in and you go to the cart i only get 2 options Pick a country and type in zip code so my state drop down is not here. I can see the code for it to be pulled from the db but doesn't seem to work. I get a email right away as a php error from the UPS module... Im using the latest version of OSC.. Please help Thanx
  6. Hello I found a mod in the contribs that disables shipping modules after a certain amount of money is spent in the cart but what I wanted was code that will disable the Flat Rate shipping after the customer adds 5 or more items in the shopping cart. I have edited the code a bit from the original mod and it still does not work I have checked the original code and that does not work can anyone help me please... :-) Thanx Original contrib This came about after I wanted to have the following 4 shipping options on my store. 1) Table rate for standard postage based on a per quantity basis ie 1 unit = €5.00 2 units=€9.00 etc 2) A second table rate giving an option of registered courier post again per quantity 1 unit = €8.00 2=€13.00 etc 3) Free shipping by standard post if order over €50 - only to appear as an option if order value over €50 4) Free shipping by courier if over €100 – only to appear if order value over €100 The first 2 I had found using a contribution from doodersrage search for Table Rate With Quantity Option but the last 2 I needed to find a solution for. I modified a suggestion in a help thread by wheeloftime in relation to disabling a shipping option based on weight and here it is. In the particular shipping module you wish to apply this to ( catalog/includes/modules/shipping/FILE.php ) insert the following at line 80: if ( ($this->enabled == true) && ($order_total <100) ) { $this->enabled = false; return; } just after if (tep_not_null($this->icon)) $this->quotes['icon'] = tep_image($this->icon, $this->title); and before return $this->quotes; } modify the figure 100 to whatever figure you wish to trigger the display of the module. Note: this merely hides the module if the total is less than €100. I use this to provide a free shipping option ( I have a table rate shipping module set to €0.00 ) but you could use it for any purpose – maybe a reduced shipping rate if you spend a certain amount etc. This is what I edited the code to and it does not work... if ( ($this->enabled == true) && ($quantity <4) ) { $this->enabled = false; return; } Im using the latest version of OSC
  7. Hello all, I have noticed that the AIM module that's included with the current osc package does not have the Credit card fields marked as required. Is there a simple way to have these fields required like the name and especially the CVV number. Otherwise than that it works great for me other than the invoice # not passing but already found a fix 4 that. Thanx
  8. djkubus

    Bad Robot Blocker Support Thread

    I love the contrib.. I'm not much of a coder so I couldn't fix this issue by changing the index.php but I fixed the issue by adding manually a deny from after the # #Bad Robot Blocker 1.0.1 #List of banned IP addresses # what was happening when i was testing this contrib my IP or just the first ip to get banned gets placed in the same line at the last # in the .htaccess so it looks like this # #Bad Robot Blocker 1.0.1 #List of banned IP addresses #deny from therefore the first IP would not get baned. I'm sure its just a minor fix in the code and again great contrib :-)
  9. Thanx I will try that.. In the meantime i just downloaded the .sql file and imported the data to the tables manualy and yes i did notice the 32 character limit and I have changed it. next time i need to update iwl use the EP app again and see what happens but anyhow my 10074 product store is finally up and running. As far as the immage thing i think its a problem with OSC in general cause even after i imported the data to the tables manually im having the same symptoms but thats not that important to me. Anyhow thanx a lot for your time and help :thumbsup:
  10. Thanx for the reply here is the link to the csv file http://www.globecomtechnologiesinc.com/csv.csv the latest version i found is Easy Populate 2.76f-MS2 (with attributes) r1 is this correct?? if so i have upgraded from 76e and im still having the same problem with the images and the importing. Only changes i have made to EP.php is model to 18 from 12 (changed in mysql table as well) and sub cat to 3 from 7. thanx again :rolleyes:
  11. <_< Im puzzled an need help.. 1st want to say that i love the contrib :thumbsup: the problem that im having is that when i import using EP_v2_76e about the second category is starts to make the category over and over... example I have a category called "appliance" and withing that category i have 2 more "appliance 2" and "appliance 3" but when i import i creates like 70 of "appliance" categories and it places a product in each one. All my products have a unique product number i even tried using tab vs CSV and it does the came thing. Another problem that i have is that the icons in the sub menus that usually apear on top disappear on most of the subcategories. Im using im using OSC 2.2RC2a Thanx in advance for help