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  1. I thought I was going crazy too! It's in Admin under the "Administrators" category. Click on the last user name you used and edit it.
  2. nevergiveup

    SEO Assistant

    Jack, Google conditions show: //$conditions = "<span class=a>(.*)</span><nobr>"; //$conditions = "<cite>(.*)</cite>"; $conditions = '/<cite>(.*)<\/cite>/i'; $conditions = '/<nobr>(.*)<\/nobr>/'; Is that right? Thanks for any help you may have Dawn
  3. nevergiveup

    SEO Assistant

    I think Google changed the code/conditions again. I installed SEO Assistant 2.3 and get no errors but the Google or MSN is not ranking/working at all on any of the SEO Assistant tools. The only one working is Yahoo. Did I miss something? or is it Google and MSN that changed? Dawn
  4. nevergiveup

    [Contribution] Grab_Order_Details

    I can't get Grab Order Details contrib to work. I have tried everything. Looks like it needs to be updated. Hope someone will work on a new update. People that have installed PWA and/or No Account contribution really need this to work so the customer can look up order status without Account.
  5. Well, I installed Ultimate SEO URLs and everything is working perfect.....I made a new sitemap XML file and told Google to come on by and look for it to update. Today Google announced to me my new sitemap had WARNINGS. Here is what Google states: All the URLs in your Sitemap are marked as having dynamic content. Because dynamic content is difficult for search engines to crawl and index, this may impact your site's performance in search results. Check your Sitemap to make sure your site information is correct. Explanation of this Warning is: Does Google index dynamic pages? Yes, Google indexes dynamically generated webpages, including .asp pages, .php pages, and pages with question marks in their URLs. However, these pages can cause problems for our crawler and may be ignored. If you're concerned that your dynamically generated pages are being ignored, you may want to consider creating static copies of these pages for our crawler. If you do this, please be sure to include a robots.txt file that disallows the dynamic pages in order to ensure that these pages aren't seen as having duplicate content. In addition, you might consider creating and submitting a detailed Sitemap. This is an easy way for you to submit all your URLs to the Google index and get detailed reports about the visibility of your pages on Google. You can automatically keep us informed of all of your current pages and of any updates you make to those pages. Please note that submitting a Sitemap doesn't guarantee that all pages of your site will be crawled or included in our search results. Now.......... Does Ultimate SEO URLs have something to do with it because my prior Google sitemap did not have ANY warnings before. It was only until I installed Ultimate SEO. It stats ALL my URL's are marked as having dynamic content. Anyone else having this problem? have you looked at your Google Webmaster tools lately to see if you have this Warning? I think Google has changed something in the application because others are complaining about it and they haven't changed anything different to the files or sitemap. Can anyone with Ultimate SEO installed please verify if you are or are not getting this warning, so I know if it's something I did or if Google's Application is working against Ultimate SEO URLs. Thank you!
  6. This happened to me also. It was because I didn't install it correctly or messed up somewhere in Admin. Put your Admin backup copy (assuming you have a backup) in by FTP and get the Admin part back the way it was in working order. Then carefully install the Admin part again. That worked for me and works perfect now. Hope this helps.