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  1. I got it incorporated into the product_listing_col.php as I wished but I still have the error showing on the compare.php so still need to fix that issue... as ive read through this I havent seen a fix for that... If I missed it please let me know. Thanks, yimmi
  2. Okay for some reason the edit button keeps disappearing so I cant edit hence all the posts in a row... not sure if thats intentional on osc forums or not. Anyway, Ive done more looking into this and have noticed that my store is using product_listing_col.php So I copied all the information from product_listing.php to that file saved it and uploaded it and I then see the continue button and the check boxes... while I want the colum type setup on my store i did that as a test... And here is the error that it produces.. 1054 - Unknown column 'po.products_options_name' in 'field list' select distinct po.products_options_id, po.products_options_name as options, '0' as static from products p join products_description pd using (products_id) left join products_attributes pa using (products_id) left join products_options po on pa.options_id = po.products_options_id and pd.language_id = po.language_id left join products_options_values pov on pa.options_values_id = pov.products_options_values_id and pd.language_id = pov.language_id where p.products_id in (31,26) and pd.language_id = '1' order by p.products_id, po.products_options_name asc [TEP STOP] So if anyone can get me instructions in how to incorporate this into the original product_listing_col.php as well as a possible fix for this error in the compare.php that would be helpful and get my issues all resolved with this contrib.
  3. Okay so I just noticed that this is using a module 'product_listing.php but i have no clue where that is brought in -- apparently its not being brought in on my store at least nowhere i can find... i followed every instruction in the readme included with product comparison v1.2 and nothing is showing up... and if i manually go to the compare.php it gives me the error that i need to select 2 or more products to compare though nothing is showing up allowing me to compare them. again site is above.. any help is appreciated.
  4. This seems like a very good contribution and I've installed it on my store but for some reason It may or may not be working. Perhaps I am just an idiot. my store: http://www.marxfireplaces.com/store/ it is installed and in the admin i have the following settings: Require Login false Require Account Approval false Allow Create Account true Price Break Setting false Debug false Display Product Name true Display Product Model true Display Manufacturer true Display Description true Display Price true Display Quantity true Display Weight false Display Image true Display Buy Now false Display Static Attributes false Display Options true Display Product Extra Fields false Display Column Left false Display Column Right false Display Footer false Minimum Number of Products 2 Yall keep talkin about a continue button or something and I dont see a continue button. Perhaps someone can help me figure this thing out... Thanks in advance ;)
  5. I havent even begun installing this because of my situation. This contrib uses files that I've already edited for other contribs i have installed. But the install notes don't declare everything that needs to be done for people in my case. So i am sure this is a good contrib for people with none other installed. But for people like me who have a lot of things installed, its not so great because uploading the files that are included will overright all my previous work and thus I'd have to re-install every other contrib over again. Can someone write a new install.txt to include all edits to every file that is included. That is the way every other contrib i've downloaded has been so as such it would make things easier for people with more than one contrib installed prior to installing this one. Thanks.
  6. ymikilnu


    I am having an issue using 2.8 version of this. I followed the instructions that came with the compilation I downloaded and am having some issues. On the Summary Page I have the following information: Number of Affiliates: 4 Total Banner Impressions: [?] 4 Total Affiliate Visits: [?] 238 Total Affiliate Transactions: [?] 0 Conversion: [?] 0% Total Affiliate Sales: [?] $0.00 Average Affiliate Sale: [?] $0.00 Default Commission Rate: [?] 40 % Total Affiliate Commission : [?] $0.00 Basically everything that says 0 shouldn't say zero. When I hit sales I get the following information: Steve Bailey 02/25/2008 0 $59.95 50.00% $29.98 Deleted (Admin) Gary Marsh 02/23/2008 0 $59.95 40.00% $23.98 Deleted (Admin) Jim Earls 02/17/2008 0 $119.90 40.00% $47.96 Deleted (Admin) In the Status it shows Deleted (Admin) even though I havent deleted anything. I tried looking at the code but couldnt figure out where it was getting this information from to fix it. Anyone have a fix for these issues? None of my affiliates have gotten back to me on a request to see if it shows anything to them in their affiliate login section (is that even programmed in, in 2.8?). Someone help me please! Sincerely, Super Noob aka ymikilnu