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  1. oneshotenter

    Shipping Modules not showing up

    *EDIT- duh! I just added the DOCUMENT_ROOT path to the DIR_FS_ADMIN line and... well, that solved the backups issue. Hey - I had the same issue... and this fix resolved my dilemma as well. I too am having the trouble with the backups folder, did you ever resolve this too?
  2. oneshotenter

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    I have lightbox for STS4 installed... running into this issue... others had an issue with the close box being outside the window – I didn't see anyone else having this issue. Taken from Safari 3. In Firefox it shows fine. There is no need for the horizontal scrollbar – can't seem to get rid of them.
  3. hi i searched but no answer... i have sts4 and ulcategories setup. I am having a problem with using drop down menus on my horizontal menu, so I wish to eliminate the drop downs entirely and only show the categories page (the page that has the sub cats on it) as my site is nearly 90% css... how ever when I go to this page my sub categories are showing even though i have the show full tree function turned off. I would like: - the sub categories to not show at all - the top categories only to be visible on all pages thanks J
  4. oneshotenter

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    The $content variable is what holds what is says – the main "content". Without this variable, you have no store. From the look of the code you want to add, and since you seem to want to retain the "welcome guest" and the new products box... in the includes/languages/english/index.php look for define('TEXT_MAIN', 'Put your code here'); two things you can try, you can put your css/html code directly here within the ' ', or put it in its own html file and use an include feature to load that separate file. thats how I'd do it, may not be the best option but it worked for me.
  5. oneshotenter

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Those were the first places I checked as there was another posting that mentioned to try that with a similar issue. To my dismay those settings were already both set to Off. I'll have to check with the ul categories contribution as I believe that may be the culprit. I'll post my findings.
  6. oneshotenter

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Why can't we have a society of contributions that all play well together? ... I'll have to start debugging the store by disabling the ulcategories contribution first. Are there any suggestions of where to pinpoint a problem like this – so when I go looking in the stack of needles for a particular needle I might have a better shot? Thanks.
  7. oneshotenter

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    using STS 4.5.8 $cat_ID tag within navigation. Also using AnyLink Drop Down Menu from Dynamic Drive, categories are formated as unordered lists from another contrib. With that says, all works well except after a few clicks. Rolling over menu item A, the drop down appears for the categories – the status bar shows the cPath respectively as 1, 2, 3 menu item B is a single category cPath=4 and finally, menu item C with drop down sub categories with cPaths=5, 6, 7. Clicking around on the menu works fine a few times, then if you view the page for cPath=6 and while on that page you click the navigation for cPath=4 - nothing happens. While looking down at the status bar while hovering over menu item B the link now shows up as index.php?cPath=2_4_3_5_2&osCid... needless to say that link doesn't work. All the while the $breadcrumbs is behaving oddly because now it will display, ie - Clothing>shoes>shirts>pants>jackets. So, I hope that A.. this is understandable, and B.. not a repeated posting because I did search the forums but gave up because of the lack on findings.