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  1. quick

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Really useful info in this thread. I always get message say "Paypal does not allow your country of residence to ship to the country you wish to'. Has somewhere been mistaken setting of the distribute or oscommerce setting. Any clue should be gread appreciated Thanks
  2. quick

    Header Tags SEO

    First of the all, THANKS Jack very much for your support on HTS contribution. I have the same problem as Joli1811 when i run those 4 SQL. then i chang it and run: ALTER TABLE headertags_default ADD PRIMARY KEY (default_title, language_id); ALTER TABLE headertags_default ADD KEY idx_default_title (default_title); ALTER TABLE headertags ADD PRIMARY KEY (page_name, language_id); ALTER TABLE headertags ADD KEY idx_page_name (page_name); it seem successful. I have one problem show up when i run test in admin, i got message say The number of file entries in the database (82) do not match the number in the includes/header_tags.php file (6). it might because i have Upload the includes/header_tags.php file and run Add Missing Pages in Page Control after i found that message. I know i have some modified files such as product_info0.php, product_info1.php, product_info2.php, in the original include>header_tag.php and database. Is this error message hurt HTS, what can i do to go through this problem Thanks very much.
  3. quick

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Hi, I got a conflic between sitemap.xml of Dynamic sitemap 4.0 and sitemapindex.xml of Google XML Sitemap Feed - by Chemo. When run Google XML sitemap feed, the sitemapindex.xml inclued sitemapproducts.xml and sitemapcategories.xml, it is index sitemap format. but if run Dynamic Sitemap at the same time, sitemaps.xml(also index sitemap format) in this contribution is will be included in sitemapindex.xml of contribution Google XML Sitemap Feed. then Google said : sitemapindex.xml is error, because sitemaps in sitemapindex.xml should not be sitemap index format, it should be real sitemap like sitemapproducts.xml. So, what I should do? in robots, is it right to add a line: Sitemap: http://sample.com/catalog/sitemaps.xml but sitemaps.xml has been summit to google. I really confuse about this, could anyone can help me out of this? Thanks very much!
  4. quick

    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    Thank very much for the useful add on! I got a strange result, when shopping card is nothing,in check out page it show "Total items: 1 pcs. Total weight: 2.7 kgs"; if have one pcs in shopping card, it said "Total items: 2 pcs. Total weight: 2.7 kgs". it allway have extra one pcs, and 2.7KG, I have check my setting one after one, still can not figure it out. Shipping/Packaging>Package Tare weight has been set to 0. and the other shipping module like UPS, EMS is normal, only get this problem on FedEx shipping module. Any tip or clue should be great appreciate. Thanks. Quite
  5. I have some problem about the urls. for example, my product name is:"2.0 Mage Pixels CMOS 1.5 Inch TFT Display Digital Camcorders" the url is: http://www.mysite.com/mage-pixels-cmos-inc...ders-p-138.html it looks like the number and the capital word like GPS could not normally show in URL. and the new page added in infobox also have some url say http://www.mysite.com/-i-1.html Could anybody help me out of this, thanks very much! best regards,
  6. quick

    Header Tags SEO

    One more questions (5), is it possible i seperate part of Categories Description to the end of pictures of sub-catagories, bexcause some time long introduce is necessary, about 150 words after catogory name before sub-catagory picture would be better than long text block
  7. quick

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi, Jack, first of the all, thanks very much for your wonderful contribution. The install looks no problem, and I have try to click for quite a lot, but seem can not get a clear clue to get a better title in product_info.php Qustion 1, say the original title is product name, it is easy to get 1) catalog name + default title on the left of page control + product name 2) new enter title on the right of page control + catalog name + product name so if i want the title looks like " product name + default title on the left of page control + some other word ", how can i set the order? Question 2, about the include on the right and left in page control. I donot get an idea it was included in each field of (Title Description: Keyword(s): Logo Text:) or only one of them. say it is append after or before which filed. Question 3, about the sort order of default title, default description... on the left in page control. the order is relevant with which field, all the items in include table or indicate the position on final title, description? Question 4, you have provided option of using the TinyMCE editor with the description fields, but my current editor is FCKeditor for Product Descriptions, I would like to know which file i can modify it, the modify looks very simple by replacing the textarea by replacing the string "textarea_field" with "fckeditor", I just could not find out where i can use it for "Header Tags Categories Description" box. Thanks very mcuh for your work! best regards,
  8. quick

    Header Tags SEO

    I think Jack suggest you to use the categories.php supplied in the contribution to take place your current categories.php, it might verify your edit.
  9. Could any one can help me out of this, I have been tried almost one month, I am not success. I have been try the following mother. who can't get the feeds created by rss.php to validate I have figured out how to fix the problem. If you get an error like this [line 2, column 0: XML Parsing error: :3:0: xml declaration not at start of external entity] then read the included text file to see how I fixed the problem. Any advice or tips will be great appriciate.
  10. quick

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Just want to close my question. I got part of solution from "http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=175801". THANHS Janz!
  11. quick

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Thanks Jan for your concern. I have tried setting "UPS Currency Code" (Enter the 3 letter currency code for your country of origin. United States (USD)) in Admin to CNY or USD, the result is the same, for example, one package ship to USA cost CNY1,000, then i get return quotation by UPS XML say $1,000, no matter i use USD or CNY as "UPS Currency Code". UPS customers support representative said it can only return CNY quotation. but what i look forward is the quotation could change according to currency code selected, say our store have two difference currency USD and EUR, USD is the default currency, when USD was select, UPS XML quotation show USD700, if EUR was selected, show USD660. I am wondering it can work when using the function of currency change, any better idea? Best regards,
  12. quick

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Thanks Steve for your encourage and Jan's guideline, and UPS support, i did get reply from UPS Third Level Production Support, in my particular case UPS does not support Insured Value for shipments originating in China. But it is strange, the same error still there after i set "Enable Insurance" to "False", UPS return error message say "<PackageServiceOptions> <InsuredValue> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>100</MonetaryValue> </InsuredValue> </PackageServiceOptions>" then i go to upsxml.php comment out the following code: " <InsuredValue>\n". " <CurrencyCode>".MODULE_SHIPPING_UPSXML_CURRENCY_CODE."</CurrencyCode>\n". " <MonetaryValue>".$this->item_price[$i]."</MonetaryValue>\n". " </InsuredValue>\n". finally, the error gone, and get same quotation as on UPS.com. I am not sure it is the right change or not, anyway, it work. BUT the number is on CNY and currency code in USD, UPS said it can only return the currency of the country where UPS account apply. I am wondering if it is happend somebody have simple method to make the return quotation could be change relate to different currency? Thanks everybody for your kindest concern.
  13. quick

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Thanks Stevel and Jan very much for your effor. I try disable Insurance request, but the result is the same. I will try different accessory option to see. Hope everybody have a good day! Sincerely,
  14. quick

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    (1) Aha, I am so sorry for my English. I did not remove the street address, just try several different, and i also google one address is valid for UPS, I verify it on UPS website and get quotation. (2) The following is the setting for UPS XML Enable UPS Shipping True UPS Rates Access Key *********** UPS Rates Username ********** UPS Rates Password ************* Pickup Method Customer Counter Packaging Type Package Customer Classification Code 01 - If you are billing to a UPS account and have a daily UPS pickup, 01 Shipping Origin All other origins Origin City Shenzhen Origin State/Province Guangdong Origin Country CN Origin Zip/Postal Code 518034 Test or Production Mode Production Quote Type Commercial Negotiated rates False UPS Account Number ************ Manual Negotiated Rate --none-- Handling Type Flat Fee Handling Fee Handling fee for this shipping method. Enable Insurance False UPS Currency Code USD Tax Class --none-- Shipping Zone --none-- Sort order of display. 2 Disallowed Shipping Methods Next Day Air 2nd Day Air Ground Worldwide Express Worldwide Express Plus Worldwide Expedited Express Standard 3 Day Select Next Day Air Saver Next Day Air Early A.M. Expedited 2nd Day Air A.M. Saver Express Early A.M. Express Plus Today Standard Today Dedicated Courier Today Intercity Today Express Today Express Saver Shipping Delay 1 Email UPS errors Yes Time in Transit View Type Detailed Display Weight False (3) Yes, UPS do ship from our sity to the destination. And i have got quotation from UPS website and customer service dept.
  15. quick

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Thanks Jan for your kindly reply. I set LBS by changing admin/configulation/ 'Shipping/Packaging' /Unit Weight from KGS to LBS. But the result is same. DATE AND TIME: 2008-05-22 06:19:03 UPS URL: [url="https://www.ups.com:443/ups.app/xml/Rate"]https://www.ups.com:443/ups.app/xml/Rate[/url] UPS REQUEST: <?xml version="1.0"?> <AccessRequest xml:lang="en-US"> ... </AccessRequest> <?xml version="1.0"?> <RatingServiceSelectionRequest xml:lang="en-US"> <Request> <TransactionReference> <CustomerContext>Rating and Service</CustomerContext> <XpciVersion>1.0001</XpciVersion> </TransactionReference> <RequestAction>Rate</RequestAction> <RequestOption>shop</RequestOption> </Request> <Shipment> <Shipper> <Address> <City>Shenzhen</City> <StateProvinceCode>Guangdong</StateProvinceCode> <CountryCode>CN</CountryCode> <PostalCode>518034</PostalCode> </Address> </Shipper> <ShipTo> <Address> <City>Las Cruces</City> <StateProvinceCode>NM</StateProvinceCode> <CountryCode>US</CountryCode> <PostalCode>88003</PostalCode> </Address> </ShipTo> <Package> <PackagingType> <Code>02</Code> </PackagingType> <PackageWeight> <UnitOfMeasurement> <Code>LBS</Code> </UnitOfMeasurement> <Weight>3.5</Weight> </PackageWeight> <PackageServiceOptions> <InsuredValue> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <MonetaryValue>448.00</MonetaryValue> </InsuredValue> </PackageServiceOptions> </Package> </Shipment> </RatingServiceSelectionRequest> UPS RESPONSE: <?xml version="1.0"?><RatingServiceSelectionResponse><Response><TransactionReference><CustomerContext>Rating and Service</CustomerContext><XpciVersion>1.0001</XpciVersion></TransactionReference><ResponseStatusCode>0</ResponseStatusCode><ResponseStatusDescription>Failure</ResponseStatusDescription><Error><ErrorSeverity>Hard</ErrorSeverity><ErrorCode>111211</ErrorCode><ErrorDescription>The requested accessory option is unavailable between the selected locations.</ErrorDescription></Error></Response></RatingServiceSelectionResponse> I have sent an email via UPS website online, but I don't know i could get any feedback or not. Thanks very much for your time! Best regards,