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  1. kaboomz

    Linkpoint Basic no wrapper needed.

    Its most likely you don't have a test account, go here http://www.linkpoint.com/support/index.html and signup then you can use it. If you want to test right away insert this code in linkpointbasic.php somwere around line 242 make a space for this code "tep_draw_hidden_field('txnmode', 'test')." without the quotes and search for this https://staging.linkpt.net/cgi-bin/hlppay and replace it with this 'https://www.linkpointcentral.com/lpc/servlet/lppay'; its a production server but with the code put into linkpointbasic.php every transaction will go through as test. If you want to go put it in live mode just comment it out.
  2. kaboomz

    Linkpoint Basic no wrapper needed.

    https://staging.linkpt.net/cgi-bin/hlppay won't work unless you sign up for a test account. Here is were you do it http://www.linkpoint.com/support/index.html click on test account and sign up. Then you can use the testing server. However it might take a while. As for the code <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="txn mode" value="test"> should look like this "tep_draw_hidden_field('txnmode', 'test')." but without the quotes. The code should be inserted in linkpointbasic.php somewere under or top on line 242 just follow the pattern. This should answer your question.
  3. I installed this contribution. Have to say it works very well, it does what it suppose to do. However it seems my visitor stats reports are not working any more. I use modlogan and webalizer. When I try to look at modlogan it says "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /modlogan/ on this server" and webalizer does the same thing as well. Could it have something to do with the .htaccess. file? What could be the problem? The contribution I'm using is 0.6.2 which i got off the oscommerce site. The http://osc.silencer.ispvds.com seems to be down.
  4. Hi DS Sultan, I figured out the problem, I don't know if this applies to anyone. Anyways, I use MoPics, and needed to configure the images under easypopulate.php. Under case 'full': // The file layout is dynamically made depending on the number of languages $iii = 0; $filelayout=array( I guess I accidently deleted 'v_products_model' => $iii++,. So I added the code and now it works!! now it looks like this: case 'full': // The file layout is dynamically made depending on the number of languages $iii = 0; $filelayout = array( 'v_products_model' => $iii++, //MoPics images here<---------eg: v_products_subimage1 blah blah blah
  5. I just installed Easy Populate 2.7, On OSC MS2. All the download features seems to work fine but when I upload I get this message "No products_model field in record. This line was not imported" . Please help