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  1. scooby00

    USPS problems

    Did you ever get your USPS shipping module to work? If not, let me know, I think I can help you with this problem.
  2. scooby00

    Customer Testimonials v1.0

    Thanks exactly whats happening to me. The page that allows you to write a new testimonial is fine but when you wan to look at all the testimonials, the middle section header is wider and i can't find out how to adjust it.
  3. scooby00

    Customer Testimonials v1.0

    Yes, I'm having a little problem with this contribution. Everything is working just fine, but when you go to the page that shows all of the testimonials submitted, the age pushes off to the rightand moves the right column off the page. Could anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance for any help