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  1. I am sorry, I am not quite sure what you mean. I am using your version. It works, and also works when I change names. Howver old names remain works too. I guess what you meant was I should have 301 in place to redirect old urls to new ones. Is that correct? also what's the best way of doing 301? Sorry, I have never done a 301 before. Thanks
  2. Hi Jack, I have your contribution installed. I also re-named some of my urls. For example http://mysite.com/new-name-c-20.html, but http://mysite.com/old-name-c-20.html still works. I am concerned about this duplicated content issue. I did some search and found someone posted a validator contribution. Can you please tell me if it will work with yours? Secondly, I would like to see your view on this old url and new url issue. Thank you
  3. petvogue

    populate geo zone table

    Hi, Can someone please tell me how I can populate geo zone table easily? I want to set up 3 shipping zones, UK, Europe and rest of world. I can manually add countries in Admin->Location/tax ->Tax zones, but is there a easier way or contribution available? Thanks
  4. petvogue

    Header Tags SEO

    Thanks Jack, I'll leave them as it is. One more question, in categories table there are categories_htc_description and categories_htc_desc_tag columns. My understanding is categories_htc_desc_tag is used in header description tag and categories_htc_description is only used for displaying in product_info. Is it correct?
  5. petvogue

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, I ran my pages through http://validator.w3.org/ after installing the contribution. It is complaining that the header tag is using /> instead of > saying "NET-enabling start-tag requires SHORTTAG YES". Shouldn't we change header_tags.php so that it writes > as closing tag instead of /> ? Thanks
  6. petvogue

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, Thank you for all the good work you put into these contributions. I just installed 3.1.5. Everything appears functional at first glance. However, during installation of Admin, I noticed a few discrepancies. In admin\categories.php, your installation notes instructed; FIND (a few lines down - around line 72) $sql_data_array = array('categories_name' => tep_db_prepare_input($categories_name_array[$language_id])); REPLACE with /*** Begin Header Tags SEO ***/ $sql_data_array = array('categories_name' => tep_db_prepare_input($categories_name_array[$language_id]), 'categories_htc_title_tag' => (tep_not_null($categories_htc_title_array[$language_id]) ? tep_db_prepare_input($categories_htc_title_array[$language_id]) : tep_db_prepare_input($categories_name_array[$language_id])), 'categories_htc_desc_tag' => (tep_not_null($categories_htc_desc_array[$language_id]) ? tep_db_prepare_input($categories_htc_desc_array[$language_id]) : tep_db_prepare_input($categories_name_array[$language_id])), 'categories_htc_keywords_tag' => (tep_not_null($categories_htc_keywords_array[$language_id]) ? tep_db_prepare_input($categories_htc_keywords_array[$language_id]) : tep_db_prepare_input($categories_name_array[$language_id])), 'categories_htc_description' => tep_db_prepare_input($categories_htc_description_array[$language_id])); /*** End Header Tags SEO ***/ But in brand new installation categories.php file; /*** Begin Header Tags SEO ***/ $sql_data_array = array('categories_name' => tep_db_prepare_input($categories_name_array[$language_id]), 'categories_htc_title_tag' => (tep_not_null($categories_htc_title_array[$language_id]) ? tep_db_prepare_input(strip_tags($categories_htc_title_array[$language_id])) : tep_db_prepare_input(strip_tags($categories_name_array[$language_id]))), 'categories_htc_desc_tag' => (tep_not_null($categories_htc_desc_array[$language_id]) ? tep_db_prepare_input($categories_htc_desc_array[$language_id]) : tep_db_prepare_input($categories_name_array[$language_id])), 'categories_htc_keywords_tag' => (tep_not_null($categories_htc_keywords_array[$language_id]) ? tep_db_prepare_input(strip_tags($categories_htc_keywords_array[$language_id])) : tep_db_prepare_input(strip_tags($categories_name_array[$language_id]))), 'categories_htc_description' => tep_db_prepare_input($categories_htc_description_array[$language_id])); /*** End Header Tags SEO ***/ I noticed a couple of lines has strip_tags() wrapped. There are a few of the same discrepancies further down. I am not sure which is the correct one. Thank you
  7. petvogue

    Sitemap SEO

    Jack, you are absolutely correct. It was an incorrect setting on DIR_FS_CATALOG in configure.php. It also fixed my second problem in admin. Thanks.
  8. petvogue

    Sitemap SEO

    Hi, I installed it and it worked. So thank you for this great contribution. However, it only display category links and product links (if I set it to show product links in admin). If I set additional links say my information box through box control, I get "Unable to determine the page link" error. I think I find a solution for it. The problem lies in includes/functions/sitemap.php page, line 75 where it says $file = DIR_FS_CATALOG . $end . DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'filenames.php'; It failed to open it because of some path problem. So I changed it to $file = DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'filenames.php'; It worked. Is this a bug? also there is a same function in admin/includes/functions/sitemap.php. Do I need to change it too? My second question is in Sitemap admin, I initiated box control and update, I then went ot Page control, there was nothing there, I got an empty list. Is this how it supposed to work? Thanks Henry