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  1. Use this one... http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...,all/search,gpg We had it re programmed and it works great now! And to answer your question... YES, it works with PGP or the opensource version as well. We hired Jason Medland to complete that job for our client and it has been usede several times since. Rick Lawrence http://www.designmedia.ca http://www.hosting-nation.net http://www.printservices.ca
  2. Does anyone have a successfull email decryption with this contrib? I am also getting empty emails returned and have tried all in this forum with no avail. PLease help. ccgpg-0.9.4 OSC MS2
  3. I too am having the same problem with this contrib. Does anyone have a solution to sending an encrypted email with credit card info for offline processing with PGP. I have worked with this contribution now for 1 week with no results... Rick
  4. I have installed this contrib "ccgpg-0.9.4" and cannot see the "green light" to turn it on in admin area. My assumption was that it should show up in Payment Modules but I don't see it there or anywhere else. Can someone tell me where the switch shows up. Of course my next assumption is somethings wrong with my install! This is the snippet of code where we adjust our settings: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if ( (defined('MODULE_PAYMENT_CCGPG_ENCRYPT')) && (MODULE_PAYMENT_CCGPG_ENCRYPT == 'GPG') ) { $message = 'Order #' . $insert_id . "\n\n" . 'Number: ' . $this->cc_complete . "\n\n"; $tmpToken = md5(uniqid(rand())); $plainTxt = "/home/username/tmp/" . "$tmpToken" . "anca"; // Your Temp Directory $crypted = "/home/username/tmp/" . "$tmpToken" . "anca.asc"; // Your Temp Directory $gpghome="/home/username/.gnupg/"; //where is your pubring? That dir has to have write access. $gpgpath="/usr/bin/gpg/"; //where is the executable $gpgrecipient="Customer Name (emailkey) <customer@emailaddress.com>"; //the key used for encryption ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have PGP 8.03 using Outlook Express and have downloaded the keys successfully into PGP. Using osCommerce 2.2-MS2