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  1. papao_03

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    Hi everyone, I was able to install this successfully on my wamp server. but when i uploaded my whole site to the actual server the re-written urls had a bunch of extra slashes... normally it would be www.mysite.com/categories/ but now it says www.mysite.com/:///categories/ anyone have an idea on what causes this? but when i access the categories site directly (www.mysite.com/categories/) everything works fine. hope you guys could help
  2. papao_03

    STS and Header Tags Controller

    I think it also works in the product info box as it shows the description i entered in the admin part. What doesn't work is the title of the page and meta tags. I tried setting it in admin and checked the source of the site and still empty tags. What's weird is that it works ( I mean the category name and the title appear on the title bar in firefox ) if I include the require(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS . 'clean_html_comments.php'); require(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS . 'header_tags.php'); in headers.php and application.php although it doesn't show the whole page it just shows "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare clean_html_comments() (previously declared in C:\wamp\www\includes\functions\clean_html_comments.php:11) in C:\wamp\www\includes\functions\clean_html_comments.php on line 24" but the title bar works. someone know how this works?
  3. papao_03

    STS and Header Tags Controller

    anyone got this to work? I tried doing what the previous posts indicate by skipping the code in application_top.php but it still doesn't work. It does work however if i disable sts in admin. hope someone can help Thanks
  4. papao_03

    Product Listing Help

    Thank you so much for your help, I was able to do it with editing a bit of your code. About the name being above the image. I tried a couple of combinations in the admin section of oscommerce go to product listing and change display product name to 1 and product price to 4. Add another <br> to - case 'PRODUCT_LIST_NAME': I don't really know if it would work on your setup but that worked for me. Thank you again for your help
  5. papao_03

    Product Listing Help

    Basically what I need to do and if it was html I guess it would be <table> <tr> <td>Product image</td> </tr> <tr> <td>price</td> <td>add to cart</td> </table> But the question is where do I put this table and what is the php code to call for the product image in the first row and the price and add to cart on the second row. Thanks
  6. papao_03

    Product Listing Help

    Thank you I just installed the product listing columns 2.2.4 so we're on the same page. I used the product listing select before and I think what you're using is better. Do you mind if you show me the code you used in product listing col.php to get the product listing that you have? I'm very new at php and I'm trying to look for the tables that I would need to edit in the product listing col file. Thank you again for your help.
  7. papao_03

    Product Listing Help

    Anyone? I managed to place the products in column style by using one of the contribs. But I can't fix the price and add to cart buttons in that way.
  8. papao_03

    Product Listing Help

    Hi, I hope you guys could help me, I'm looking for a way to modify the product listing so that it would look something like the image below. Basically it's the product image with the price and buy now or add to cart buttons below it. I know I have to edit the product_listing.php but I can't seem to find exactly what to edit there. I was looking for tables to edit so I could change the lay out but I can only see tables set for the small text class. I hope someone could point me to the right direction on how to achieve the layout of the products above (through sts or some other way). Would appreciate it a lot. Thanks, Paolo
  9. papao_03

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    I also have the same problem as the post above. I only need the pictures of the products on the products page, plus the buy now and add to cart buttons below every picture of the product. The question is, I've tried using sts to lay out everything since im new with php, how do you get the links or the urls of the products (if there is such a thing) so I could lay them out on a table on my products page. I've added the products on oscommerce and have made the necessary layout changes in sts. but I can't find a way to just post the products or post a specific product on the site. Hope you guys could help. Thanks, Paolo